Sauna Blanket Vs Sauna: Which Is The Best Option For You?

A side-by-side comparison showcasing 'Sauna Blanket vs Sauna' with a portable sauna blanket and a classic wooden sauna cabin set against a scenic mountain view.

Are you torn between the sweltering embrace of a traditional sauna and the cocoon-like warmth of a modern, convenient sauna blanket? The debate between a sauna blanket vs sauna is more than just choosing between two relaxing experiences; it’s about understanding which option aligns perfectly with your budget, lifestyle, health goals, and personal comfort.

As a wellness enthusiast, I have more than 10 years of experience exploring and evaluating various wellness practices. All this has equipped me with a deep understanding of how sauna blankets and traditional saunas can uniquely contribute to our well-being, drawing from the latest scientific studies and personal insights gained through real-world use.

This article unveils the subtleties of each option to guide you in finding your perfect match for relaxation and health benefits. Prepare to uncover insights that could transform your wellness routine.

Quick Summary

>>> What They Are: Sauna blankets are like a cozy, warm wrap that uses infrared light to heat you up. Traditional saunas are rooms that use wood-fired or electric stoves to heat the air to high temperatures and make you sweat.

>>> Easy of Use & Space: You can take sauna blankets anywhere and use them easily; they are great for people who don’t have much room. Conventional saunas take up a lot of space.

>>> How They Feel: Sauna blankets wrap around you for a snug warmth. Traditional saunas feel like being inside an oven.

>>> Taking Care of Them: Sauna blankets are much easier to clean and maintain than taking care of a big sauna room.

>>> Cost: Sauna blankets are cheaper and don’t need much space or power, so they save money.

>>> Health and Lifestyle: Sauna blankets are good for focused warmth and solo use, while traditional saunas give whole-body heat and might be better if you like social settings.

Understanding Sauna Blankets and Traditional Saunas

Before we dive into the battle of sauna blanket vs sauna, let’s try to understand the basics of both:

What is a Traditional Sauna?

Traditional saunas, often found in Nordic cultures, heat a room to high temperatures using a wood-fired or electric stove to warm stones. Users sit in this wooden room, where temperatures soar between 70-100°C (158-212°F) to induce sweating.

To add to the humidity, you can even throw water on the heated stones, which creates steam, thereby enhancing the sauna experience.

What is a Sauna Blanket?

At its core, a sauna blanket is a revolutionary and portable wellness tool designed for the modern age. Imagine a lightweight, foldable fabric that enfolds your body and is equipped with infrared technology to deliver heat therapy directly to you.

Unlike the spacious rooms required for traditional saunas, sauna blankets offer a compact, personal experience.

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Historical background

Saunas have been around for a long time, way back in Finland. Imagine this: In Finland, they love saunas so much that nearly everyone has access to one. With over 3 million saunas and just 5 million people living there, it’s clear these hot rooms are a big deal.

These days, we have sauna blankets, too. This idea sounds new, but it actually blends ancient relaxation methods with modern science.

How do they work?

Sauna blankets and saunas heat your body, but they do it in different ways.

Sauna blankets wrap around you like a sleeping bag. They use infrared rays that go deep into your skin, making you sweat without heating the air around you too much. This means you can get hot and sweaty while your head stays cool outside the blanket.

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Traditional saunas warm up the whole room with hot rocks or heaters. The heat in the air then warms up your body from the outside in. You sit or lie down inside, and as the air gets hotter, so do you. It’s a bit like sitting near a campfire; everything near the fire gets warm because of its heat.

Interior view of a cozy traditional wooden sauna with stacked benches, a stone heater, a metal bucket with a wooden ladle, and towels on the upper bench.

Health Benefits (Backed by Research and Studies)

Sauna blankets and traditional saunas both make you feel good. They offer a wide range of physical and mental health benefits.

Here’s a list of those benefits backed by research and various studies :

A detailed analysis by Tsai and colleagues in 2017 reveals that infrared therapy can play a versatile role in speeding up the healing of wounds, diminishing inflammation, enhancing pain management, and contributing positively to the management of arthritis, joint issues, and muscle recovery post-exercise.

Sauna Blanket vs Sauna: What Sets Them Apart?

Let’s dive into what sets them apart—beyond just where you sit or lie down—and see how these variations might wrap up your decision in unexpected ways.


  • Sauna blankets bring ease right into your home. They fit in small places and pack up quickly after you sweat it out.
  • Perfect for those living in apartments or with little free time, they make setting up a breeze—you just roll out the blanket, plug it in, and you’re ready to go.
  • With an infrared sauna blanket, there’s no driving to a gym or spa. You can unwind anytime without leaving your place.
  • Plus, if you move around often or don’t want a big sauna taking up room all day, these blankets are ideal—they give you back space whenever you need it.

“On a particularly stressful workday, with no time for a gym visit, I turned to my sauna blanket for rescue. Wrapped in its warmth, I could feel the day’s tension melt away, right in the comfort of my living room. It was a moment of unexpected peace, proving how a sauna blanket could be my quick escape to tranquility amidst chaos.”

Experience and feel

  • Slipping into an infrared sauna blanket is like getting a warm hug that relaxes your muscles and calms your mind. Picture it: you’re curled up, cozy, and the heat wraps around you, not just from one side but all over.
  • It’s a feeling of being cradled in a warmth that can soothe deep tissues and ease stress after a long day. Some folks say it’s like basking in sunlight without leaving your room.
  • In contrast, walking into a traditional sauna feels like opening an oven door – the whole space is hot and ready to embrace you with its wooden walls radiating heat.
  • The air is thick with warmth as you sit or lie down, closing your eyes while the room fills with steam.
  • You feel enveloped by the intense dry heat or humidity, depending on the type of sauna; each breath reminds you of summer days spent under the sun’s rays.
Wooden sauna accessories including buckets and ladle with dried flower sauna whisks on the bench.


  • Taking a sauna has never been easier with the portable sauna blanket. Imagine being able to pack up your sauna blanket and take it with you wherever you go. This is what makes these blankets so great.
  • They fold up small and can fit in a bag or trunk, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy no matter where you are.
  • You could be traveling for work or going on vacation, but your wellness routine doesn’t have to pause. These handy sauna blankets plug into an outlet and get ready fast, making them perfect for people who don’t stay put.
  • No need for big spaces or special rooms, which you need for the conventional saunas; just find a spot, lay down the blanket, and relax while the warmth does its magic.

Set up

Getting a sauna ready is quite different from setting up an infrared sauna blanket.

  • Traditional saunas need a lot of space and often require special wiring by a professional. This can take time and cost extra.
  • But with a sauna blanket, it’s much simpler. You just roll it out on your bed or floor, plug it into a regular outlet, and in minutes, you’re ready to relax in the heat.
  • It’s this quick setup that might make you pick a sauna blanket over the conventional sauna.


  • A conventional sauna wraps you in a warm hug, heating your whole body. A sauna blanket, though, only covers what it touches.
  • Think of it like this: a sauna is like being in the sun; rays come from all around. But a sauna blanket is more like lying under a warm lamp – its heat goes straight to where the blanket lies on you.
  • Your entire body sweats in a sauna; every part feels the heat. With a sauna blanket, areas outside the wrap may not get as sweaty or hot because they’re not getting direct warmth.


Taking care of your sauna space matters, too.

  • For traditional saunas, you have to clean the wood and heat source often. You also need to check for any damage from the moist, hot air.
  • Over time, fixing these things can cost money.
  • On the other hand, infrared sauna blankets are easier to keep up with. After using one, just wipe it down and let it dry.
  • Since blankets are made with waterproof materials, there’s no worry about dampness hurting them. This means less fuss and more time enjoying the warmth!


Sauna blankets and traditional saunas heat up your body, but how safe are they? Let’s talk about that.

  • If you have a heart condition or if you’re pregnant, it’s best to skip both. Heat can be tricky for these health issues.
  • Now, using an infrared sauna blanket seems easy – just wrap up and relax at home. But hold on! Experts are still checking out how safe and good these blankets are compared to big saunas.
  • Concerns about exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in infrared therapy have been raised. Make sure to check the EMF levels before you buy a sauna blanket.
  • Before diving in, think about what might go wrong. You don’t want to get too hot or feel dizzy.
  • Always play it safe: don’t stay in too long, make sure to drink lots of water, and listen to your body when it says enough is enough.
Corner view of a sauna room showing a modern heater with sauna stones.

Pros and Cons of Using an Infrared Sauna Blanket

Dive into the world of infrared sauna blankets, where we explore the enticing benefits and weigh them against potential drawbacks, a journey that promises to redefine your wellness routine—read on, as this could be the game-changer you never knew you needed.


Infrared sauna blankets pack a punch for health and fitness buffs. Imagine lying still but getting some of the perks of a gym session – sounds cool, right?

  • They kickstart your blood circulation and metabolism, helping your body sweep out toxins fast.
  • You’ll see calories melt away, too, as the blanket’s heat makes you sweat like you’re working out.
  • These cozy wrappers can also give pain relief after a tough day or an intense workout.
  • Muscle recovery speeds up because infrared light dives deep into tissues, easing soreness and stiffness.
  • And if glowing skin is on your wishlist, sauna blankets might be your new best friend. They help cleanse your skin from within by encouraging a good sweat-out, which many say leaves their skin looking fresh and radiant.


  • Using an infrared sauna blanket might not get your muscles working as much as a regular sauna.
  • This means you could miss out on some ways to help manage weight.
  • Also, these blankets may make it harder for your body to cool down because they wrap around you. It’s like when you wear too many clothes on a hot day.
  • Another downside is that sauna blankets can’t match the deep heat of a big sauna room. Think of it like the sun warming your whole body versus using a small lamp to keep just one part warm.

Conventional saunas let more air move around, which can feel nicer and can be better for people with certain heart conditions. And remember, if you have a bigger space at home, getting only one or two people into a blanket at once might not fit if everyone wants to join in at the same time!

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Sauna Blanket vs Sauna: Factors to Consider When Choosing Between the Two

Choosing between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna blanket is not just about heat. Think about what fits into your life. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Budget

Thinking about what matters to you leads right into considering your budget. You can find a good blanket for under $500, which is quite a deal compared to the higher costs of building or buying a full-sized sauna. If you’re watching your wallet, this could be a key point.

Sauna blankets also help save on electricity bills since they use less power than big saunas do.

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2. Health goals

Choosing between a sauna and a sauna blanket depends on what you want for your health. If you have sore muscles or stiff joints, an infrared sauna blanket could be good for you since it warms up your body directly with its radiative heat.

But if you like the feeling of being in a hot room that heats your whole body at once, then a traditional sauna might be best.

3. Lifestyle

If you’re always on the go, finding time to visit a sauna might be hard. This is where the sauna blanket shines. You just wrap yourself up and relax at home or even during travels.

Now imagine you love big spaces and enjoy making things feel cozy. A traditional sauna could be your happy place. It needs more room but gives you space to stretch out or share with friends.

During a winter retreat, I found solace in the communal warmth of a traditional sauna. It wasn’t just the heat, but a sense of shared relaxation and tranquility. That evening, my sleep was deeper than it had been in months, a testament to the mental and physical unwinding that only a traditional sauna has offered me.

With either choice, it’s all about what fits into your daily routine!

4. Space

Sauna blankets are cozy, just like your favorite sleeping bag, and they don’t eat up space in your house. Roll them out anywhere you find comfortable: bedroom, living room, even on the go.

Now, think about an at-home sauna setup. It’s a big wooden box. It needs its own spot, right? But with a sauna blanket, there’s no such hassle. Slide it under the bed or tuck it in a closet when you’re done.

It’s simple; if you’re tight on space but still crave the heat therapy magic, going for a sauna blanket makes perfect sense.

Interior view of a traditional wooden sauna with benches and rolled towel.

5. Personal preference ( Solo vs. Shared)

Some people love the feeling of stepping into a hot room and sitting on wooden benches, sweating it out with others. They enjoy the tradition and social aspect of going to a sauna. For them, the routine of visiting a public or home sauna is part of the fun.

Others prefer privacy while they relax. They might feel more at ease lying down in their own space under a sauna blanket. This choice can be cozier like tucking into bed with gentle warmth surrounding them.

Sauna blanket caters to those who like quiet time away from others or want to read or listen to music without interruption during their heat therapy session.

Comparing Sauna Blankets with other types of saunas

Now, with the help of this table, let’s quickly see how sauna blankets compare with all other types of saunas as well, on various parameters:

FeatureSauna BlanketTraditional SaunaSteam SaunaInfrared Sauna
Initial CostAffordableExpensiveExpensiveModerate to High
Space RequiredMinimalConsiderableConsiderableModerate
InstallationNoneProfessionalProfessionalSome DIY Possible
Heating MechanismInfraredElectric Heater/Wood-Burning HeaterSteamInfrared
Heat DistributionDirect ContactAir CirculationHumid AirDirect Radiation
Health BenefitsDetoxification, RelaxationCardiovascular, RelaxationRespiratory, RelaxationDetoxification, Pain Relief
Social AspectIndividualCommunalCommunalIndividual or Small Group

Diving deeper into the features listed, we can see that sauna blankets are winning the race in terms of affordability and minimal space requirements. However, if you’re up for socializing and ready to invest in a full sauna experience, traditional or steam saunas might be more up your alley.

It’s evident that each type boasts distinct advantages tailored to fit different lifestyles and preferences. Thus, the choice ultimately hinges on individual needs, aligning with the holistic goal of amplifying one’s well-being.


Choosing between a sauna blanket and a traditional sauna comes down to personal preference, your budget, space, and specific health goals. Both offer health and relaxation benefits, making them valuable additions to your wellness routine.

Have you tried using a sauna blanket or been to a traditional sauna? We want to hear about your time with them! Your stories matter and can help others.

If you have questions on how sauna blankets work or need tips for choosing the right one, just ask. Sharing helps everyone learn more.

FAQs about Sauna Blanket vs Sauna

1. What is the difference between a sauna blanket and a regular sauna?

A sauna blanket is a personal, portable cocoon of warmth that uses infrared rays, while a regular sauna is a hot room that heats the air around you. Both make you sweat but in different ways!

2. Which one is better for sweating out toxins?

Both can help you sweat, but there’s no magic “toxin bullet.” Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down and eliminating waste, but it’s not a detox cure-all. Focus on a healthy lifestyle for true detoxification.

3. Is one more effective for weight loss?

While sweating can burn some calories, neither blankets nor saunas are quick weight-loss solutions. Combine them with a healthy diet and exercise for sustainable results.

4. Are there any safety concerns with using sauna blankets?

Both are generally safe for healthy adults when used properly. Consult your doctor if you have any health conditions like heart problems or pregnancy. Start slow and listen to your body.

5. Which one is more affordable?

Sauna blankets are typically cheaper upfront and require less electricity, making them more budget-friendly. Traditional saunas involve installation costs and ongoing energy use.

6. Which one is more suitable for home use?

Sauna blankets are compact and easy to set up anywhere, perfect for home use. Traditional saunas require dedicated space and installation.

7. Which one offers a more social experience?

Traditional saunas are often communal spaces for socializing, while sauna blankets offer a private, solo experience. Choose what suits your preference!

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