7 Best Electric Sauna Heaters Of 2024 Revealed: Don’t Miss Out!

A selection of the best electric sauna heaters displayed in a wooden sauna setting, featuring a tall black tower heater, a compact red heater, and a traditional grey stone-filled heater.

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Navigating the maze of heaters to find the best electric sauna heater for your personal retreat can seem daunting.

This guide is your beacon in the foggy world of electric sauna heaters, pointing you straight to the top 7 picks.

Throughout my years-long journey exploring every nook and cranny of saunas—from cozy traditional wood-fired ones to the sleek electric models—I’ve picked up a wealth of knowledge along the way.

Today, I’m thrilled to share that knowledge, aiming to elevate your sauna experience beyond what you thought possible.

Brace yourself; this could very well revolutionize your sauna sessions!

My Top 4 Picks:

Finlandia FLB-80 (8kW)

HUUM Drop 6 (6kW)

Saunum AIR 7 (6.4kW)

Vevor SCA-60NS (6kW)

Our Review Process: How We Select the Best Sauna Heaters for You

When it came to selecting the best sauna heaters for our latest guide, here’s how we ensured our recommendations are solid and trustworthy:

  • Starting Lineup: We launched our search by selecting promising models based on enthusiastic user feedback and detailed specifications.
  • Focus Points: We zeroed in on critical factors such as heating capacity, durability, ease of installation, and ease of use.
  • In the Field: Most of the models were rigorously tested by our team to gauge its performance in everyday scenarios.
  • Group Deliberation: We compared results, analyzing how each unit measured up against our predefined standards.
  • Final Picks: Performance scores were tallied, and from there, we pinpointed our top recommendations to ensure you get nothing but the best.

We’re dedicated to unbiased and independent reviews that you can trust. Our aim is to help you choose a sauna heater that elevates your relaxation to the next level.

Which Are The Best Electric Sauna Heaters of 2024?

Here’s our expertly vetted list of the best electric sauna heaters for this year, each one thoroughly tested to guarantee top performance.

  1. Best Sauna Heater Overall: Finlandia FLB-80 8kw Sauna Heater
  2. Best Wall-Mounted Sauna Heater: HUUM Drop 6 (6kW) w/ UKU Wi-Fi
  3. Best Sauna Heater for Uniform Heating: Saunum AIR 7 6.4kW w/ Wi-Fi
  4. Best Budget Sauna Heater: Vevor SCA-60NS 6kW
  5. Best Compact Sauna Heater: Harvia ‘The Wall’ SWS60 6kW
  6. Best Sauna Heater for Compact Spaces: HUUM Cliff 6kW w/ UKU Wi-Fi
  7. Best Floor-Standing Sauna Heater: Harvia Cilindro H 9kW w/ Xenio Control

Quick Comparison of Specs.

No.Product NamePower
Sauna Capacity
(cu ft.)
Max. Temp.
1. Finlandia FLB-808kW16 x 11 x 2445 lbs250-425180°F
2.HUUM DROP 6 with UKU W-Fi6kW15.3 x 13.2 x 23.3121 lbs177-353230°F
3.Saunum AIR 7 with Wi-Fi6.4kW12.41 x 18.31 x 71.95 / 94.49132-154 lbs177-247194°F
4.Vevor SCA-60NS6kW16.1 x 10.6 x 22 33 lbs176-318230°F
5.Harvia ‘The Wall’ SWS606kW16.9 x 10.15 x 27.644 lbs141-282176°F
6.HUUM Cliff 6kW with UKU Wi-Fi 6kW10.6 x 10.6 x 38.4165.4177-353230°F
7.Harvia Cilindro H with Xenio Control Unit9kW12.6 x 12.6 x 36.6198 lbs280-490230°F

1. Finlandia FLB-80 8kw: Best Sauna Heater ‘Overall’

So, there I was, sifting through a mountain of options for my sauna upgrade when the Finlandia FLB-80 8kw Sauna Heater caught my eye. Why this one topped my list is no small feat – it’s about as close to perfection as you can get for heating up your personal zen zone.

Image Credit: Finlandia Sauna

Specifications and highlights of the Finlandia FLB-80 sauna heater:

Specifications / HighlightsDetails
Country of ManufactureCrafted in Finland recognized for exceptional quality and materials
Brand ReputationFinlandia, renowned for its high-quality and reliable products
Power8 kW
Voltage240V AC
Product Dimensions16 x 11 x 24 inches
Heater Weight40 lbs
Stone Capacity45 lbs
Sauna Capacity250-425 cubic feet
Max Temperature180°F as per user reports
Construction3-wall construction for enhanced safety and cooler exterior
ControlsBuilt-in Controls
Model VariantsAlso available in 4.5 and 6 kW models
Warranty1 year

Pros and Features

  • Heats up to 425 cubic feet – This heater can make a room bigger than most New York City apartments feel like a snug hug. It’s like having your personal sun indoors!
  • Comes with 50 pounds of Igneous sauna stones – These aren’t just any rocks; they’re the life of the sauna party! They hold heat like a dream, letting out that perfect steam when you sprinkle water on them.
  • Long Life – Just like the best cutlery, the elements in this sauna heater, made of stainless steel, are made to last.
  • Heats Fast – Why wait to unwind? With its free airflow design, this heater gets your sauna steamy fast, slashing your wait times.
  • Safe – Safety first, but make it sleek! The direct contact between the rocks and heating elements cuts out electromagnetic fields, making it super safe. Plus, the clever 3-wall construction keeps the outer surface cool, so it’s safe to touch.
  • 8 kW power on 240V/1PH – This baby packs a punch strong enough to warm you up on those chilly nights without breaking a sweat (well, until it heats up). Power? Check. Efficiency? Double check.
  • Built-in controls for easy use – No need to be a rocket scientist or call one every time you want to relax. The built-in controls are very user-friendly. Comes with a 60-minute timer which can be pre-set up to 8 hours.
  • Easy peasy setup – The user manual won’t make you pull your hair out. “Installation wizard” might just become your new nickname.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty – Nothing screams “peace of mind” louder than knowing the big guys got your back. If something goes awry, you’re covered. It’s like having an umbrella in case it rains but for your sauna.


  • Manual controls at this price! This heater sticks with manual controls, which is a bit disappointing.

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My Views

So here’s why it lands at number one in our minds for electric sauna heaters going into 2024:

  • It checks all the boxes: efficiency, simplicity of use, reliability, not forgetting how inviting that warm embrace feels during cold mornings or after long days.
  • This heater not only excels in performance but also brings home the safety, and comfort you need to unwind like a pro.
  • The Finlandia FLB-80-S is a gem for anyone who puts a premium on quality and dependability, without fussing over flashy tech.
  • Perfect for someone who loves the idea of relaxing muscles and letting go of stress without stepping out of their home.

So, if you’ve got up to 425 cubic feet of space just waiting to be transformed into your personal spa retreat, what are you waiting for? Trust me on this; once you go Finlandia FLB-80, there’s no turning back.

2. HUUM DROP 6 (6kW) WITH UKU Wi-Fi: Best Wall-Mounted Sauna Heater

So, I got my hands on the HUUM Drop 6 Sauna Heater, and let me tell you—it’s a game-changer. A sleek design that doesn’t just blend into your sauna; it elevates it. The award-winning water droplet shape is a nod to elegance in a world of angles and straight lines.

Image Credit: HUUM Sauna

Specifications and highlights of the HUUM DROP 6 Sauna Heater:

Specifications / HighlightsDetails
Country of ManufactureProduced in Estonia, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern design
Brand ReputationHUUM is widely acclaimed for its contemporary and innovative sauna solutions
Power6 kW
Product Dimensions15.3 x 13.2 x 23.3 inches
Heater Weight24.3 lbs
Stone Capacity121 lbs
Sauna Capacity177-353 cubic feet
Max Temperature230°F
DesignWall-Mount Design
ControlsUKU Wi-Fi control
Model VariantsAlso available in 4.5 kW, 7.5 kW, and 9 kW options
Warranty5 years (excludes heating elements)

Pros / Features

  • Award-Winning Design: Its unique water-drop shape won the Red Dot Design award. The design not only catches the eyes but also enhances heat distribution throughout your sauna.
  • Wall-Mounted Wizard: This top-rated wall-mounted heater not only saves space but also adds a sleek, modern touch to your sauna.
  • For Rooms 177–353 Cubic ft.: This powerhouse can warm up spaces between 177 to 353 cubic feet. So, whether it’s party time or quiet time, this heater doesn’t sweat – though it’ll make sure you do.
  • 121 lb of Rounded Olivine Diabase Stones: These aren’t just any rocks; they’re the rock stars of heat retention and distribution. Plus, they come with the heater – no extra shopping needed.
  • UKU Wi-Fi Control – Black: Imagine changing your sauna settings from your couch…or even the grocery store! Talk about a warm welcome home!
  • Loaded with Safety Features like a door sensor, child safety lock, and overheat protection. It’s like having a bodyguard for your sauna sessions.
  • Built to Last: With its stainless steel body and heating elements, this heater is like the superhero of sauna gear, built to last for many years.
  • Space-Savvy Safety: Thanks to its compact safety clearances, this heater fits neatly into various spaces, making installation a breeze no matter the location.
  • 5-Year Guarantee: Yep, you heard that right. Five whole years of peace of mind. Who doesn’t love a good safety net?


  • Premium Investment: While this heater commands a higher investment, the quality and performance justify the cost.
  • Installation Precision Needed: For precise placement of the temperature sensor and main module, you might need to bring in an expert. This is important to ensure your sauna works flawlessly.
  • Conditional Warranty: The five-year warranty sounds reassuring, but it doesn’t cover the heating elements, and it’s strict about using only HUUM stones and adhering to the recommended sauna size.

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My Views

Now, why did this beauty land the No. 2 spot on my list? It wasn’t just because it looks good (though, trust me, it does).

  • This heater is smart—like really smart. Thanks to its UKU Wi-Fi control, I can kickstart my sauna session without moving an inch from my couch. I just tap my phone, and viola!
  • Plus, with its stainless steel durability and the whopping five-year guarantee—this isn’t just any purchase; it’s an investment in endless cozy evenings.
  • Meant for someone who values relaxation and tech-savvy solutions. Plus, if you’re all for adding a stylish touch to your home sauna with those sleek black vibes and don’t mind bragging about it.

So go ahead and make that leap into a world where warmth meets innovation. Elevate your sauna experience with the HUUM Drop 6 Sauna Heater With UKU Wi-Fi Control today!

3. Saunum AIR 7 (6.4kW) with Wi-Fi: Best Sauna Heater for Uniform Heating

Step into the future of sauna sessions with the SAUNUM AIR 7! This isn’t just any sauna heater; it’s a revolutionary device that smooths out those pesky heat and oxygen inconsistencies from floor to ceiling with its cutting-edge air-mixing technology.

Image Credit: Saunum

Specifications and highlights of the Saunum AIR 7 6.4kW Sauna Heater:

Specifications / HighlightsDetails (Solid Steel Body Option)
Country of ManufactureMade in Estonia
Brand ReputationSaunum is renowned around the world for its innovative sauna heating technology.
Power6.4 kW
Product Dimensions12.41 x 18.31 x 71.95 / 94.49 inches
Heater Weight115 lbs
Stone Capacity132-154 lbs
Sauna Capacity177-247 cubic feet
Max Temperature104-194°F
ControlsWi-Fi Control
Model VariantsAlso available in 4.8 kW and 9.6 kW options
Safety CertificationUL Certified
Warranty2 years

Pros / Features

  • Advanced Air Mixing Technology for Even Heat: Say goodbye to cold spots! The SAUNUM AIR 7 uses advanced air mixing tech. which pulls cooler, oxygen-rich air from the floor, swirls it up with the hot stuff at the ceiling and sends it back down in a perfectly even embrace that covers you from head to toe.
  • Stone Powerhouse: Packing a hefty load of 132 to 154 pounds of stones, this heater isn’t just playing around. Get ready for some serious steam generation and a heat that feels like it’s hugging you.
  • Energy Saver: Thanks to its savvy air mixing tech, this heater doesn’t just spread warmth better—it’s a champ at cutting down your energy bills, too.
  • Beauty Meets Function: With a choice between the sleek Nordic black or a classy stainless steel basket design, this heater is as much a style statement as it is a sauna essential.
  • Breathe Easy with Himalayan Salt: Infuse your sauna air with a dash of health. Himalayan salt spheres mix into the airflow, turning your heat session into a spa-like therapy.
  • Safety First: UL certified with extra features like overheating protection with air tunnels—because what’s warmth without peace of mind?
  • Smart and Connected: Adjust temperatures and get your sauna ready even before you step in, all from your smartphone, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi controls.
  • Flex Fits: Its adjustable telescopic air intake means this heater can adapt from 71.95 to 94.49 inches, fitting perfectly no matter your sauna’s size.
  • Mix It Up: Whether you’re into the dry Finnish style or steamy Russian banyas, this heater adjusts its airflow and temperature just right, letting you sauna your way.

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  • Setup Savvy Required: With all its bells and whistles, the SAUNUM AIR 7 is a complex beauty. So, to get things just right, an expert setup is recommended to ensure everything’s running smoothly.
  • Whispers of Warmth: The fan that works overtime to even out those temperatures does whisper a bit. While it’s essential for that flawless heat distribution, the gentle hum could interrupt your zen during those quieter moments.
  • Premium Price Tag: The SAUNUM AIR 7, with its advanced features and UL certification, is a bit of an investment. Consider it the price for cutting-edge comfort and safety in your sauna sessions.

My views

Discover the Epitome of Luxury Heating with the SAUNUM AIR 7. Here’s why it’s one of my top picks for those who take their sauna seriously:

  • Uniform Bliss: This heater’s advanced air mixing technology spreads warmth evenly, ensuring every inch of your space feels like a gentle, embracing heat.
  • A Treat for Regulars: It’s designed for prolonged sessions, providing sustained comfort that invites you to linger a little longer.
  • Health at the Forefront: With options for Himalayan salt and aromatherapy, each visit to your sauna becomes a holistic health experience.
  • Smart Sauna Sessions: The Wi-Fi controls put the power at your fingertips, making it effortless to start relaxing even before you step inside.
  • Small Space Specialist: No room is too small or awkwardly shaped for this heater. It delivers perfect heat distribution in any setup.
  • An Investment in Wellness: Although the upfront cost is notable, its comfort, health benefits, and user-friendly features offer undeniable value, making it a smart investment in your well-being.

Ready to embrace a uniformly heated sauna that cares for your comfort and health? Invest in the SAUNUM AIR 7 and transform your sauna into a haven of balanced warmth and wellness.

4. Vevor SCA-60NS 6kW: Best Budget Sauna Heater

So, if you are looking to transform your home into a personal spa without breaking the bank or tearing down walls, the Vevor SCA-60NS 6kW Sauna Heater is what you need. This little powerhouse promises to transform your sauna room into a steamy oasis.

Image Credit: Vevor

Specifications and highlights of the Vevor SCA-60NS 6kW Sauna Heater:

Specifications / HighlightsDescription
Brand ReputationVevor, a top name in tools and sauna equipment
Power6 kW
Product Dimensions16.1 x 10.6 x 22 inches
Heater Weight22 lbs
Stone Capacity33 lbs
Sauna Capacity176-318 cubic feet
Max Temperature230°F
DesignWall-mount design
ControlsBuilt-in Controls
Model VariantsAlso available in 4.5 kW and 9 kW models
Warranty1 year

Pros / Features

  • Control at Your Fingertips: Ready to turn up the heat? With the built-in knobs, crank it up to 230°F or set a timer for up to three hours of sauna heaven. You’re in the driver’s seat.
  • Built tougher than my last diet plan: This model sports an aluminized zinc shell that stands up to rust, keeping things sleek even in steamy conditions.
  • Efficient Heating: Thanks to its stainless steel heating element, the heat spreads fast and evenly. Less waiting, more relaxing!
  • Space-Saving Design: It mounts on the wall with a straightforward bracket system, freeing up floor space for a safer and roomier sauna experience.
  • Versatile Heating Power: Whether your sauna is snug or spacious, this heater’s 6kW power handles rooms between 176 to 318 cubic feet effortlessly.
  • Stone Savvy: Holds 33 lbs of sauna stones that expertly retain and emit heat, making every session a soothing escape.
  • Wellness Benefits: It’s not just about the heat; it’s about how you feel. Wave goodbye to stress, sleep better and rejuvenate your spirit.


  • Bring Your Own Stones: Note that sauna stones are not included, so you’ll need to grab those separately.
  • Manual Magic: Forget about remote controls; this unit sticks to traditional built-in manual settings.
  • Installation Specs: Wall-mount only, folks! Make sure it’s at least 3.5 inches off the floor for optimal operation.

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My Views

  • Perfect for homes, hotels, and spas, the VEVOR Sauna Heater 6KW is your go-to if you’re hunting for top-notch quality without the hefty price tag.
  • It’s a breeze to set up, and controlling your sauna sessions is as easy as pie — ideal for tuning both the heat and session duration to your liking.
  • If you are someone who cherishes unwinding in steamy bliss, aiming to melt away the day’s stress or amp up their home spa game – the Vevor SCA-60NS 6kW Sauna Heater is perfect for you.

Ready to elevate your sauna experience without emptying your wallet? The Vevor SCA-60NS (6kW) is your ticket to affordable luxury, blending performance, style, and ease of use into one powerful package.

5. Harvia ‘The Wall’ SWS60 6kW: Best Compact Sauna Heater

The Harvia ‘The Wall’ SWS60 is a 6kW sauna heater that really caught my eye. You know how sometimes things just scream quality? That’s this heater for you.

Image Credit: Harvia

Specifications and highlights of the Harvia ‘The Wall’ SWS60 6kW Sauna Heater:

Specifications / HighlightsDetails
Country of ManufactureMade in Finland, known for high-quality craftsmanship and materials
Brand ReputationHarvia, recognized for superior build quality
Power6 kW
Product Dimensions16.9 x 10.15 x 27.6 inches
Heater Weight31.5 lbs
Stone Capacity44 lbs
Sauna Capacity141-282 cubic feet
Max Temperature122-176°F
Model VariantsAlso available in 8 kW
Warranty2 years

Pros / Features

  • A Touch of Finnish Genius: Made in Finland, where they know a thing or two about saunas. It’s like a masterclass in sauna design right in your home.
  • Built Tough, just like a tank, but way prettier. Stainless steel construction means it’s ready to endure the heat and keep on ticking.
  • Cool on the Outside, Hot on the Inside: Thanks to its dual-wall design, it stays cool to the touch while the inside gets all fired up.
  • Efficient Heat Lover: Its 44 lbs of stones aren’t just sitting pretty; they’re working hard to spread heat evenly and keep your sauna at the perfect temperature.
  • Flexibility is Key: Right or left? Either way, this heater’s got you covered with options for any setup. Want to keep it neat? Tuck it right into your sauna bench for a sleek look.
  • Control at Your Fingertips: The illuminated controls aren’t just chic; they’re practical, making adjustments a breeze even in low light. Plus, everything’s within reach with top-mounted controls.
  • Safety Can Be Stylish Too: Overheat protection and a stone protector add layers of safety so you can relax without worry.
  • Easy Install, Instant Joy: Mount it, hook it up, and you’re ready to roll. Comes with all the necessary fixings, including those crucial sauna stones.
  • Keeps the Warmth Just Right: Smart air circulation ensures the heat is just like a warm hug every single time.


  • Tech Lovers Might Frown: Sorry, techies—no Wi-Fi or smart home connections here. This heater keeps it simple.
  • Energy Savvy? Keep Looking: It’s built for heat, not for energy stats bragging rights. If you’re into green credentials, you might want to dig a bit deeper.
  • Investment Piece: Quality like this doesn’t come at bargain prices. Consider this an investment in countless cozy sessions.

My Views

  • Think of the Harvia ‘The Wall’ SWS60 as the sports car of sauna heaterscompact, stylish, and built with the prowess to rev up your sauna sessions.
  • Crafted from sturdy stainless steel and packed with safety features, this little beast promises to be your long-lasting sauna buddy.
  • Illuminated controls and flexible right or left installation options make it a perfect fit for any sauna layout.
  • The Harvia ‘The Wall’ SWS60 really shines for those with medium-sized saunas.
  • If you’re in the market for a sauna heater that’s reliable, safe, and lets you tweak your sauna to just the way you like it, the SWS60 hits the mark with exceptional style.
  • If you are someone who values sleek design and insists on top-notch Finnish engineering – this gem is for you.

Why book a spa day when you can enjoy one every day at home? Grab this Finnish marvel, and let the good times roll!

6. HUUM Cliff 6kW with UKU Wi-Fi: Best Sauna Heater for Compact Spaces

Meet the HUUM Cliff 6kW, not just any sauna heater but a marvel of design and efficiency. Its sleek, compact structure is perfect for small to medium spaces.

Image Credit: HUUM Sauna

Specifications and highlights of the HUUM Cliff 6kW Sauna Heater:

Specifications / HighlightsDetails
Country of ManufactureMade in Estonia, blending tradition with modern design
Brand ReputationHUUM is known for its popularity in modern sauna solutions
Power6 kW
Product Dimensions10.6 x 10.6 x 38.4 inches
Heater Weight35 lbs
Stone Capacity165.4 lbs
Sauna Capacity177-353 cubic feet
Max Temperature230°F
ControlsUKU Wi-Fi control
Model VariantsAlso available in 9 kW and 10.5 kW models
Warranty5 years (excludes heating elements)

Pros / Features

  • Award-Winning Style: The HUUM Cliff isn’t just functional; it’s a work of art. Crowned with the 2021 Red Dot Design Award for its standout design, it brings a touch of elegance to any sauna.
  • Compact Safety: Thanks to its smart design, this heater fits snugly even in compact spaces, ensuring safe installation over combustible surfaces without the need for extra bedding.
  • Smart Control at Your Fingertips: With the UKU Wi-Fi controller, manage your sauna’s heat from anywhere using your phone—ultimate convenience at the touch of a button.
  • Efficient Heating: Its innovative air tunnel technology not only heats your sauna 25% faster but also extends the heater’s life by protecting the elements, making your warm-ups quick and efficient.
  • Mighty Stone Loader: Capable of holding up to 165 pounds of stones, the HUUM Cliff delivers gentle, enduring steam for a truly immersive sauna experience.
  • Durable and Sleek: Built from robust stainless steel, this heater is as durable as it is stylish, ready to handle the rigors of frequent use while looking sharp.
  • Eco-Smart Design: It’s built with a conscience, utilizing leftover materials from other productions to minimize waste—now that’s smart and sustainable.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Set it up your way; with its freestanding design and adjustable feet, it’s as versatile as it is effective.
  • Reliable Steam Power: Engineered for not just heat but comfort, providing mild, long-lasting steam that makes every sauna session a soothing escape.
  • Extended Warranty: Comes with a five-year warranty, backing up its quality and giving you added confidence in its lasting power.

Read our in-depth expert review of the HUUM Cliff 6kW


  • Professional Setup Required: To meet safety standards, installation needs a licensed pro. This adds both cost and complexity to your sauna setup.
  • Wiring Specifics: Depending on your model, you might need to upgrade your electrical system to accommodate the right gauge wiring—something to think about before diving in.
  • Maintenance Know-How: While it’s a breeze to use, the fancy internal air tunnel and other high-tech features could make cleaning and maintenance a bit of a puzzle.
  • Investment for Innovation: With its advanced features and award-winning design, the HUUM Cliff 6kW might pinch your wallet more than expected, which is worth considering if budget is a factor.

My Views

The HUUM Cliff 6kW sauna heater combines style, functionality, and smart design.

  • Perfect for Cozy Corners: The HUUM Cliff 6kW is a game-changer for small spaces. Don’t let the size of your sauna limit your style—this heater fits right in without cramping your space.
  • Eco-Friendly Excellence: This heater uses recycled materials, making it a prime pick for those who prioritize sustainability.
  • Style Icon: Clinching the Red Dot Design Award, it serves as a modern centerpiece that heats as well as impresses.
  • Speedy and Steady Warmth: Equipped with an innovative air tunnel, this heater not only heats up quickly but ensures the warmth is evenly spread.
  • Tech at Your Touch: Adjust temperatures and get things steamy with just a few taps on your smartphone. It offers ultimate convenience for tech lovers and comfort-seekers alike.
  • Lavish with Warmth: Large stone capacity means more heat for longer, wrapping you in a gentle, consistent warmth that enhances every session.
  • Durably Designed: Built tough and mindful of safety, this heater is all about reliability. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re well-protected.

Enjoy a top-tier sauna experience that comes with the assurance of a solid warranty.

Experience the blend of style, efficiency, and advanced technology yourself—add the HUUM Cliff 6kW to your home today and bask in the warmth of innovation.

7. Harvia Cilindro H 9kW with Xenio Control unit: Best Floor-Standing Sauna Heater

The Harvia Cilindro H 9KW sauna heater stands out for its sleek, stainless steel design that packs a powerful heat punch suitable for saunas from small family units to large public facilities.

Image Credit: Harvia

Specifications and highlights of the Harvia Cilindro H 9kW Sauna Heater:

Specifications / HighlightsDetails
Country of ManufactureCrafted in Finland, renowned for exceptional materials and craftsmanship.
Brand ReputationHarvia is a brand known for superior build quality.
Power9 kW
Product Dimensions12.6 x 12.6 x 36.6 inches
Heater Weight21 lbs
Stone Capacity198 lbs
Sauna Capacity280-490 cubic feet
Max Temperature230°F
ControlsComes with Xenio control and a power unit
Model VariantsAlso available in 6.8 kW option
Warranty2 years

Pros / Features

  • First up, let’s talk sauna stones. When you choose this heater, you’re not just getting any stones; you’re getting five boxes of high-capacity sauna stones, ready to hold onto heat and deliver that dreamy, even steam whenever you splash a little water.
  • Now, the brains behind the heat: the Xeno Control unit. This isn’t just any thermostat; it’s your high-tech gateway to a perfectly tailored sauna experience, letting you control the temperature with pinpoint accuracy – right from the comfort of your steamy seat.
  • Got space? We’ve got power! Whether you’re heating up a small family space or a larger communal area, this heater flexes with your needs, covering anywhere from 280 to 490 cubic feet.
  • Sleek and chic: The Harvia Cilindro isn’t just functional; it’s a style statement. With its sleek stainless steel design, it looks sharp in any setting, enhancing your sauna space with a touch of modern elegance.
  • Safety first, style a close second: With a required safety distance of just 10cm from combustible materials, this heater is as versatile as it is safe, fitting into various layouts with ease, especially if you’re tight on space or big on creative installations.
  • Protection comes standard: It’s equipped with shields and separators around the heating elements to prevent damage and ensure heat distributes evenly.


  • Electrical particulars: Make sure to check your electrical setup as this heater demands specific connections based on the control unit and power availability, which might require some additional planning or professional help.
  • Delivery logistics: Keep in mind that it only comes with a Curbside delivery option, so you might need to rally some friends or hire help to move this powerhouse into your sauna space.
  • Handle with care: The heater’s edges can be sharp, so maybe grab a pair of gloves when setting it up. It’s a small step that’s worth the effort for a safe installation.
  • Prep your stones: Remember, those sauna stones need a wash before their first use to rid them of dust and debris. It’s an extra step, but it ensures your first sauna session is as clean as it is relaxing.

My Views

Now, why is this beauty sitting at No. 3 on our list?

  • It brings top-notch quality and design to the table (or should we say sauna?)
  • With its sleek stainless steel design and easy Xenio control, the Harvia Cilindro H 9kW Sauna Heater is your ticket to blissful relaxation.
  • The fact that Harvia managed to combine such efficiency with compactness makes this model an unbeatable choice for those looking to save space without sacrificing performance.
  • If your aim is to transform your sauna into a spa-like retreat, this heater hits the sweet spot between functionality and style.

If you’re ready to elevate your home spa game (and why wouldn’t you be?), snag this beauty and transform your daily unwind into something truly special.

The Best Electric Sauna Heater Brands in the Market Today

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in saunas, trying out different brands to find the perfect heat. The best electric sauna heater brands in the market have caught my eye and made a huge difference in my relaxation sessions.

Finlandia, HUUM and Harvia top this list with their unmatched quality and performance. These brands know how to make a sauna experience just right, offering heaters that are easy to use and super reliable.

  • Finlandia: Delivers powerful heat that can transform any room into a steamy oasis.
  • Harvia: Offers heaters that not only provide warmth but also enhance your space with an aesthetic touch.
  • HUUM: Combines elegant design with modern technology, featuring large sauna stones for gentle, lasting steam and smart controls for convenience.

My personal experiences have shown me how crucial a great brand is for that authentic sauna atmosphere – it’s about feeling enveloped in warmth while knowing you’re using something built to last.

Serene sauna setting with wooden ladle and bucket, rolled towels, purple flowers, and lit candles on wooden benches, enhancing a tranquil spa environment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Sauna Heater

Picking the right electric sauna heater is a big deal.

  • You want to check how big it is and how much heat it puts out.
  • Look for ones that won’t run up your power bill too much but still keep you safe and warm.
  • The stuff it’s made of should last a long time, and using it should be as easy as pie.
  • Don’t forget to see what other folks think about it online!

With all these things in mind, you’re set to find a heater that’ll make your sauna the best spot in the house! So, why not dive deeper into each factor?

1. Size and Heating Capacity

Choosing the right size and heating ability for a sauna heater is like picking out the perfect pair of shoes. Too small, and you’ll be left in the cold; too big, and you’re wasting power.

Getting your sauna’s heat source sized correctly makes all the difference between a good steam and a great one.

I’ve learned this from my own experience setting up saunas over the years. You want to find that “just right” point where your heater fits your room perfectly.

A simple rule of thumb: you’ll need about 1 kilowatt (kW) of power for every 45 cubic feet of space in traditional saunas.

This isn’t just random talk – take it from someone who had to learn through trial and error! Keep an eye on those kW numbers; something like an 8kW Finlandia is perfect for medium-sized rooms but might be overkill for smaller spaces.

For a more accurate estimate of the heater size for your sauna, try out my sauna heater sizing calculator, developed after thorough research and inputs from experts.

2. Energy Efficiency and Safety Features

I always check for how much power a sauna heater needs and how safe it is. This means looking at things like if it’s easy on my electric bill and won’t cause any safety scares.

I want to kick back in my sauna without worrying about overheating or touching something hot by accident. The best heaters have guards and cool-touch surfaces to stop burns, plus automatic shut-offs if things get too hot.

The Finlandia FLB-80, my top pick, ticks these boxes with its smart use of electricity and built-in controls that keep everything running smoothly. It feels good knowing I’m not wasting energy or putting myself at risk.

Interior view of a spacious sauna room illuminated by warm ambient lighting, featuring long wooden benches and a visible electric sauna heater embedded with stones, emphasizing a serene and inviting sauna experience.

3. Construction and Durability

I once bought a sauna heater that looked great on paper. It promised high heat and easy controls. But, after just a few months, the metal started to rust, and parts of it felt like they were about to fall apart.

That’s why I learned the hard way that how a sauna heater is made is super important. You want something built like a tank – think industrial-quality heating elements and recyclable stainless steel. These materials are not only tough but also kinder to our planet.

Finding heaters with these features means you’re getting something that is durable and lasts longer than your average kitchen appliance because no one likes spending money on repairs or replacements every so often.

4. User-Friendly Controls

Finding the perfect electric sauna heater with user-friendly controls might sound tricky, but it’s simpler than you think. Imagine being able to adjust your sauna’s heat or steam level with just a touch of a button.

That’s where things like HUUM UKU Control and Wi-Fi come into play. This magic little device lets you control your sauna from anywhere. Easy-to-use buttons and clear displays make setting up my sauna sessions a breeze.

And let’s not forget about other cool features like thermostat settings and timers that help me keep the heat just right without having to check on it all the time.

I love that I can just relax and enjoy without fussing over controls or worrying about safety distances because everything is designed to be as easy as pie.

5. User Reviews and ratings

User reviews and ratings are my go-to before making any purchase, and electric sauna heaters are no exception. These feedback bits from people who’ve used them give me the real scoop on what to expect.

I find it super helpful to see both the good and bad points from users’ experiences. This makes choosing between models way easier.

I also pay close attention to ratings for insight on quality, performance, and value for money. Seeing high marks across many reviews tells me a product is likely a safe bet. And let’s be honest, spotting a heater with top user satisfaction scores feels like finding gold in the mountain of options out there.

Benefits of Electric Sauna Heaters

If you’re looking to boost your home sauna setup, electric sauna heaters pack just the right combo of ease and safety. Here’s why they’re worth considering:

1. Ease of Use

Electric sauna heaters are all about convenience. You just hit a switch, and the heat starts flowingno messing with wood, fire, or smoke. It’s perfect for a quick, spontaneous sauna session without the hassle.

Relaxing wooden sauna room illuminated by ambient lighting, equipped with an electric sauna heater, wooden benches, and mood-enhancing LED strips.

2. Precise Control

Tailor your sauna’s climate with precision. Whether you’re after bone-dry heat or a more tropical vibe, these heaters let you adjust settings to suit your mood. Advanced models even allow remote adjustments via Wi-Fi, making it easy to start heating your sauna before you enter​.

3. Safety and Maintenance

These heaters are built to play it safe. They often come equipped with automatic shut-offs to prevent overheating, making them a safer option.

And maintenance? It’s a breeze. Forget about cleaning up ash or restocking fuel. Electric heaters are low on upkeep and high on relaxation​.

4. Efficiency and Effectiveness

Electric heaters excel in getting your sauna to the perfect temperature rapidly and keeping it there, maximizing both energy efficiency and your comfort​.

5. Built to Last

With their tough stainless steel construction, electric sauna heaters are made to withstand the steamy onslaught of regular sauna use. This material choice prevents rust and wear, extending the life of your heater and ensuring your sauna stays hot and ready for years to come​.

Whether you’re a seasoned sauna-goer or a newbie looking to relax, electric sauna heaters offer a solid, reliable way to heat things up.


We’ve talked a lot about the best electric sauna heaters in 2024. Every heater packs a punch, giving you both the heat you crave and the comfort you deserve.

Choosing them means getting into a hot space that’s just right and knowing you’ve made a great choice for your health, too.

So, why not turn your home into the spa-like retreat you’ve always dreamed of?

Act now to choose the perfect heater that aligns with your lifestyle and start enjoying those serene, rejuvenating moments at home. Experience the pinnacle of comfort and convenience with the best the market has to offer.

FAQs About ‘Best Electric Sauna Heater’

1. What type of heater is best for a sauna?

Electric heaters are popular for home saunas due to their ease of installation and consistent temperature control. Infrared heaters are favored for their energy efficiency and gentler heat, ideal for those preferring a less intense sauna experience. Ultimately, the best type depends on personal preference and sauna usage.

2. How many kW sauna heater do I need?

The power requirement depends on the sauna’s size: about 1 kW for every 45 cubic feet of space is standard. For a typical 2-person sauna (about 120 cubic feet), a 3-4.5 kW heater would be adequate.

3. What type of sauna is best for home?

The best type of home sauna depends on your space, budget, and personal health goals. Infrared saunas are ideal for smaller spaces and focus on deep tissue therapy, while traditional steam saunas offer a more intense heat and humidity experience.

4. How to choose a home sauna?

To choose a home sauna consider the sauna’s size, type of heater, material, and energy efficiency. Evaluate how the sauna will fit into your home physically and aesthetically. Check user reviews and product safety features to ensure a good investment.

5. Do saunas increase electric bill?

Yes, using a sauna regularly can increase your electric bill, especially if it’s electrically heated. The actual impact depends on the sauna’s size, the heater’s efficiency, and frequency of use.

6. Are electric saunas healthy?

Yes, electric saunas provide health benefits similar to other types of saunas, such as improved circulation, relaxation, and detoxification through sweating. They are safe when used properly.



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