The 5 Best Wood Burning Sauna Stoves for 2024: Unbiased Reviews!

A glowing HUUM sauna stove with visible flames behind the glass door, loaded with stones, providing a natural and efficient heating experience – a top contender for the best wood burning sauna stove.

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Choosing the right wood-burning sauna stove can turn your sauna from just warm to wonderfully cozy. It’s a key piece in getting that perfect steam and heat combo, but with so many options out there, picking the best one can feel overwhelming.

With years spent testing and comparing sauna equipment, I’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) up close. From classic Finnish designs to modern innovations that make heating your sauna easier and more efficient than ever before, my experience has taught me how to spot quality.

My Top 3 Picks:

HUUM Hive Wood-Burning LS Sauna Stove- Best Wood-Fired Sauna Heater

Harvia Legend 240SL Sauna Heater

HUUM Hive Wood 17 LS Sauna Stove

This article cuts through the clutter with honest and detailed reviews of the 5 best wood-burning sauna stoves for 2024. Whether you’re building your dream backcountry retreat or upgrading your current setup, we’ve got you covered.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Our Review Process: How We Test and Select The Best Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves

When it comes to picking the crème de la crème of wood-burning sauna stoves, we don’t mess around. Here’s a quick dive into our no-nonsense review process:

  1. Initial Selection: We start by sifting through the latest from trusted brands, zeroing in on those that promise top-notch quality and standout features.
  2. Hands-On Testing: We install, ignite, and operate these stoves in real sauna setups, focusing on ease of use, heat efficiency, and durability. It’s about finding stoves that heat quickly and maintain that warmth effortlessly.
  3. Real-Life Use: We don’t just test; we use these stoves as you would. From firing them up with wood to loading them with stones, we assess how user-friendly and safe each model is during actual sauna sessions.
  4. Feature Comparison: We assess essential features—like wood loading ease, ash management, and airflow—and compare them head-to-head.
  5. Feedback Compilation: We gather insights from seasoned sauna-goers to understand the stoves’ performance over time. This includes scouring customer reviews for any recurring issues or standout praises.
  6. Final Evaluation: Each stove is scored on a set of criteria, including performance, design, safety, and overall value. Only the top performers that bring the heat (literally and metaphorically) make our list.

We’re committed to providing you with reviews that are not only comprehensive but also unbiased, ensuring you have all the info you need to choose the perfect wood burning sauna stove for your steamy retreat.

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Which Are the 5 Best Wood Burning Sauna Stoves in 2024

For a quick recommendation, take a glance at our product list or scroll down for more detailed reviews.

  1. HUUM Hive Heat 12 LS Sauna Stove: Transform Your Space with Estonian Crafted Sauna Warmth and Stones
  2. Harvia Legend 240SL Sauna Heater: Best for those who love traditional, crackling wood-fired heat
  3. HUUM Hive Wood 17 LS Sauna Stove: Estonian Crafted Stove with 286lbs Stones for Big Saunas 
  4. Harvia M3 Sauna Stove: Best for a cozy and traditional sauna experience for smaller spaces
  5. ALEKO Sauna Heater and Chimney Kit: Best for Off-Grid Relaxation with a Cozy Fire Ambiance 

1. HUUM Hive Heat 12 LS Sauna Stove

Transform Your Space with Estonian Crafted Sauna Warmth and Stones

So, you’re on the hunt for something that’ll heat up your sauna like no other? Let me tell you about the HUUM Hive Heat 12 LS Sauna Stove. This thing is a powerhouse, and it’s got some features that make it stand out from the crowd.

HUUM Hive Wood-Burning LS Sauna Stove- Best Wood-Fired Sauna Heater


  • Made in Estonia with a mix of tradition and modern design.
  • HUUM is one of the most popular modern sauna brands.
  • Product dimensions: 25.2 x 17.8 x 29.6 inches.
  • Heater Weight: 147.7 lbs.
  • Stone Capacity: 198 lbs.
  • Sauna Capacity: 212-459 cubic feet.
  • Wood can be inserted from the outside.
  • Warranty: 5 years

My Rating: 4.9

Efficiency meets sustainability meets downright elegance in this Estonian masterpiece of engineering precision crafted for those serious about their heat sessions without compromising on style or environmental standards.

Pros / Features:

  • Made in Estonia – Okay, so you’re thinking, “Why does it matter where it’s from?” Well, let me tell ya – when something’s crafted in Estonia, it means business.
  • Comes with 198 lb of Rounded Olivine Stones – You’re basically getting a mini-volcano ready to erupt (in a good way) inside your sauna. We’re talking about creating the perfect steam every time you pour water over them.
  • Thanks to its superior flame control leading to cleaner burning, your eco-conscious heart can rest easy. No more worrying about wood gas or smoky smells ruining your zen time.
  • Through-the-wall firebox extension? Genius. It means you can feed firewood from outside without ever having to step out of your cozy warmth.
  • A Stainless steel body and cast iron door means it’s going to last ages and is super easy to clean.
  • Perfect for Medium-Large Saunas (210-460 cu ft.) – Got space? No problem! This beast has got you covered whether you’ve got a cozy little setup or something grander. Imagine being able to invite all your friends over for a sauna party!
  • 5-Year Warranty: It’s like having a safety net under your high-wire act—not that you’ll need it—but hey, peace of mind is always nice when heating things up!

Read our detailed expert review of the HUUM Hive Heat 12 LS Sauna Stove.


  • Could get pricey if you’re watching your wallet: The HUUM Hive Heat Sauna Stove isn’t exactly cheap. You’re paying for top-notch quality and slick design.
  • You might need to tweak the air holes to control the fire. Not everyone’s cup of tea if you’re into more set-it-and-forget-it gadgets.
  • Watch your floor: Without the right protection, this stove could leave scorch marks or damage on floors that catch fire easily. That means shelling out for protective bedding and maybe even tweaking your sauna’s floor setup.

My Take:

  • Choosing this as our number one wasn’t just because it looks slick (though let’s be honest, its top-notch design is pretty cool).
  • It’s also because after comparing several options and actually trying them out, nothing else matched up in efficiency or quality – especially when you consider how it meets strict safety standards like BimSchV II.
  • It’s like having a little slice of Estonia’s finest craftsmanship sitting right there in your backyard or basement.
  • For anyone serious about their sauna time who wants hassle-free heating and an unbeatable steam session every single time – well folks… look no further than HUUM Hive Heat.

Now, don’t just stand there dreaming about it; let’s make those sauna vibes a reality. Get your hands on the HUUM Hive Heat 12 LS Sauna Stove and turn up the heat on your sauna sessions!

2. Harvia Legend 240SL Wood-burning Sauna Heater

Best for those who love traditional, crackling wood-fired heat

Meet the Harvia Legend 240 SL—this isn’t just a wood-burning sauna stove; it’s a revolution in your sauna experience. This sauna heater steals the spotlight for its blend of tradition and high performance.


  • Made in FINLAND, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and materials.
  • Harvia is a brand known for superior build quality.
  • Product dimensions: 30.7 x 23.6 x 32.7 inches.
  • Maximum Firewood Length: 15″
  • Diameter of Firewood: 3 – 5.9″
  • Heater Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Stone Capacity: 441 lbs.
  • Sauna Capacity: 353-847 cubic feet.
  • Wood can be inserted from the outside.
  • Warranty: 2 years

My Rating: 4.9

Its heavy-duty design speaks to those who appreciate durability and a touch of rustic charm—making it feel like you’ve got a piece of the Finnish wilderness right in your backyard.

Pros / Features:

  • Massive Stone Capacity: With a whopping 440 lbs. of stones ready to give you the best steam every time you pour water on them, this beast ensures your sauna stays warm, even if the flames die down.
  • Efficient Burning: Its modern grate structure optimizes air flow, meaning more heat with less wood. Plus, it’s all about clean burning, so you can say goodbye to smoky smells messing with your zen.
  • External Heating Option: No need to step out of the sauna to add wood. This model lets you heat from another room or even outside the building. How’s that for convenience?
  • Easy Installation and Use: Adjustable legs, changeable door opening direction, and minimal safety distances—it fits easily and safely into your sauna setup.
  • Built Like a Tank (But Prettier): Durability is key when you’re dealing with high heat day in and day out. Made with strong alloy steel and designed for durability, the Harvia Legend 240 SL is tough—it’ll probably outlast most things in your house.

Read our detailed expert review of the Harvia Legend 240SL Sauna Stove.

Quick Tips:

  • Handle with Care: The metallic handle gets warm, so keep a potholder handy.
  • Plan Your Space: Given its power and size, make sure your sauna floor can support the weight and the unit fits nicely into your planned layout.
  • Regular Cleaning: Utilize its dual cleaning openings to keep the stove running efficiently.

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  • Initial Setup: You might find the setup a bit labor-intensive due to its size and stone capacity, but the payoff in consistent, powerful heat is worth it.
  • Size and Safety: Ensure you have the right protective setup to avoid any damage due to its intense heat, such as protective bedding and fire safety equipment.
  • Your wallet might feel a bit lighter after this purchase. It’s kind of like buying a fancy dinner; you love it but can’t help feeling a tad guilty about splurging.
  • Patience is key here since warming up takes its sweet time.

My Take:

  • Whether you have a medium-sized family sauna or a larger commercial space, the Harvia Legend 240SL sauna heater delivers consistent and powerful heating.
  • The load of stones this bad boy can handle means once it’s hot, it stays hot—no need to keep fussing with the fire.
  • It ticks all the right boxes for what makes a great wood-burning sauna heater: durability, power, performance & efficiency mixed with style and that little touch of luxury.
  • Perfect for anyone with a bigger space who wants to heat things up from the next room or even the outside, without stepping into the sauna.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your sauna game, why not go for the legend? Grab the Harvia Legend 240 SL Sauna Heater and let your sauna sessions be nothing short of legendary.

3. HUUM Hive Wood 17 LS Sauna Stove

Estonian Crafted Stove with 287 lbs Stones for Big Saunas

Step into the next level of sauna luxury with the HUUM HIVE Wood 17 LS Sauna Stove, blending age-old wood-burning charm with some neat, modern tricks. Designed for medium to large spaces (think up to 565 cubic feet), this heater is the big brother of our no. 1 pick, the HUUM Hive Heat 12 LS Sauna Stove.


  • Made in Estonia with a mix of tradition and modern design.
  • HUUM is one of the most popular modern sauna brands.
  • Product dimensions: 29.1 x 21.9 x 29.6 inches.
  • Maximum Firewood Length: 12″
  • Heater Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Stone Capacity: 287 lbs.
  • Sauna Capacity: 283-565 cubic feet.
  • Wood can be inserted from the outside.
  • Warranty: 5 years

My Rating: 4.8

With its sleek stainless steel and a tempered glass door, you get to watch the flames dance while you detox, creating an atmosphere that’s just magnetic.

Pros / Features:

  • External Wood Loading: Say goodbye to hauling logs through your relaxation zone. This genius firebox extension lets you add wood from the outside, which means less mess and more chill.
  • Roomy Rock Holder: It holds a hefty 287 pounds of sauna stones for that deep, enveloping heat—just what you need to unwind and relax.
  • Rock cage option to add even more rocks: You can add up to 3 rock cages on top, wrapped around the chimney and increase the rock capacity by another 88 lbs. More stones mean better heat distribution and retention.
  • Stylish and Strong: Its stainless steel and glass design make it rust-resistant, durable as heck, and shiny enough to make your neighbor jealous.
  • Clean and Green: This stove burns wood so efficiently that it’ll leave both the trees and your conscience a bit happier.
  • Craftsmanship That Cares: Made in Estonia, this model is a testament to durable European engineering and eco-friendly practices.
  • Versatile Installation: Offers through-the-wall or through-the-ceiling chimney options, accommodating different building layouts.
  • Efficient Ash Management: Includes an ashtray that simplifies cleanup—just slide it out to dispose of ash and debris easily.
  • For Medium to Large Saunas – This stove is ready to tackle saunas on the larger side without breaking a sweat (though it’ll certainly make *you* sweat)
  • 5-Year Warranty – With a limited 5-year warranty backing this beast up, any worries about its commitment issues are squashed. Rest easy knowing HUUM has got your back.

Read our in-depth expert review of the HUUM Hive Wood 17 LS Sauna Stove.


  • Hefty Setup – With all that stone and steel, make sure your sauna floor can handle the weight without giving way. You’ll need protective bedding.
  • Chimney Required – You’ll need a proper chimney setup to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely.
  • Not for Small Saunas – This beast might not squeeze into your tiny sauna dream.
  • Price Tag – This heater is slightly on the expensive side, but it’s totally worth it considering what all it has to offer.

Here’s My Take:

  • The HUUM HIVE Wood LS 17 is pretty much a sauna enthusiast’s dream. It heats up your space efficiently, looks great while doing it, and keeps the fire-tending fuss to a minimum.
  • If you’ve got the space and are looking for a top-of-the-line, eco-conscious choice, this could be your new sauna soulmate.
  • Ahh, the warranty — 5 years! Kinda like a safety net for your sauna sessions. You’re covered, which means more peace of mind and less “what ifs.”

Whether it’s creating memorable moments or simply unwinding after a long day – trust me when I say – wrapping yourself in the gentle embrace of heat from the HUUM Hive Wood can be quite addictive!

Grab the HUUM HIVE Wood LS 17 Sauna Stove, and let’s make those sauna dreams a reality!

4. Harvia M3 Wood Burning Sauna Stove

Best for a cozy and traditional sauna experience for smaller spaces

Dive into the authentic sauna experience with the Harvia M3 wood-burning heater. Perfect for smaller saunas, this classic stove doesn’t just heat your space; it envelops it in a warm, inviting glow.


  • Made in FINLAND, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and materials.
  • Harvia is a brand known for superior build quality.
  • Product dimensions: 17.71 x 15.35 x 27.95 inches
  • Heater Weight: 97.45 lbs.
  • Stone Capacity: 66 lbs.
  • Sauna Capacity: 212-459 cubic feet.
  • Warranty: 2 years

My Rating: 4.7

With its glass door and traditional design, it adds a rustic touch that enhances the whole vibe of your sauna session. The M3’s got the charm and the chops to heat up your sauna sessions just right.

Pros / Features:

  • Traditional Charm: The Harvia M3 brings the traditional sauna experience home. Imagine chilling in your sauna with the M3 crackling in the corner. Pure bliss.
  • Efficient Heating: Packs 66 lbs of stones that get your space hot fast, even on the coldest days. We’re talking zero to cozy in 45 minutes.
  • Flexible Setup: This stove can be vented upwards or backwards, offering flexibility in how you set up your sauna space.
  • See the Heat: That glass door isn’t just for looks. Watch the flames dance and set the mood while you unwind.
  • Customizable: It comes with options for a pipe model water heater, enhancing your sauna experience with the luxury of warm water.
  • Saves on electricity bills – Your wallet will thank you. Seriously, it’s like getting a cozy bonus every month.


  • Limited Certification: You’ll need an extra kit to meet some safety standards. Not a deal-breaker, but something to think about.
  • Heat Retention: Made with relatively thin material, it doesn’t retain heat as long as heavier models, meaning it may require more frequent stoking to maintain temperature.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning out the ash and soot can be a bit tricky due to the design of the cleaning holes and ashtray. You’ll want an ash vacuum to keep it neat without a fuss.

My Take:

  • For those with smaller sauna spaces, the Harvia M3 is a gem. It fits in tighter spaces without giving up any of its heat-packing punch.
  • Its efficient heating capability and classic design make it a standout choice for creating that coveted sauna escape right at home.
  • It’s especially ideal if you love the ambiance of a real wood-burning stove and don’t mind the extra steps for installation and maintenance.
  • The glow through the glass door and the easy-to-use features offer a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality that’s hard to beat.

While it may require a bit more upkeep, the authentic sauna experience it provides is well worth the effort.

Light it up, sit back, and soak in the blissful heat from the Harvia M3 Sauna Stove that only a traditional wood-burning sauna heater can offer.

5. ALEKO Wood Burning Sauna Heater and Chimney Kit

Best for Off-Grid Relaxation with a Cozy Fire Ambiance

The ALEKO Wood Burning Sauna Heater is like having your personal wellness oasis – complete with that cozy fireplace ambiance minus any electric bills or tech glitches.


  • ALEKO is a well-known US brand known for its Saunas and outdoor products.
  • Product dimensions: 18.3 x 16 x 24.8 inches (w/o Chimney)
  • Stone Capacity: Large
  • Sauna Capacity: Equivalent to 9-15kW
  • Warranty: 1 year

My Rating: 4.5

Pros / Features:

  • Go Off-the-grid: Thanks to its off-grid ability, it doesn’t matter where you are; as long as you’ve got wood, you’re set for a steamy session under the stars or amidst towering trees.
  • Big Space for Stones: The large stone capacity means heat sticks around longer and more evenly.
  • No More Ash Mess: The ALEKO wood burning sauna heater comes with an ash tray that’s easy to take out and clean. So, you can spend more time relaxing and less time scrubbing.
  • Tough as Nails: Made with 304 stainless steel and iron, this thing is like a little tank. It laughs in the face of high heat and humidity (not literally, but you get the idea).
  • Safety: There’s an anti-scald iron cover on the chimney so you won’t burn your fingers when you’re feeling around—it’s got your back.
  • Dry or Steamy? You Decide!: Sometimes, I’m in the mood for dry heat; other times, I want to feel like I’m breathing soup. Luckily, this heater does both. Start off dry, and then throw some water on those rocks when you’re ready to turn up the steaminess factor.


  • Stones not included: So, you’ll have to go stone shopping before your first steamy adventure. (Because we all have “buy sauna stones” on our to-do list, right?)
  • Requires a bit of elbow grease for the setup — I mean, it’s not rocket science, but also definitely not a pop-up book.
  • Offgrid means no easy button—so if you’re looking for that instant heat with a flick of a switch, this might feel like going back to caveman days.

My take:

  • The ALEKO Wood Burning Sauna Heater and Chimney Kit is the most affordable one on my list but that doesn’t mean its a compromise on quality.
  • This heater is for off-grid adventurers or those craving a rustic touch to their relaxation routine.
  • If you’re someone who enjoys escaping the digital buzz to reconnect with the simpler things in life and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty – this one’s calling your name.

Get ready to light up some logs and let those stress bubbles burst away in steamy bliss from the ALEKO Wood Burning Sauna Heater.

Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wood-Burning Sauna Heater

When it’s time to pick a wood-burning sauna stove, it’s not just about finding something that gets hot. Here are some must-knows to keep in mind before you buy:

  1. Size of Your Sauna: Get this wrong, and you’re either shivering or sweltering. Make sure the heater’s output matches your sauna’s cubic footage to create that perfect heat haven.
  2. Heat-up Times and Heat Retention: Who likes waiting? Not me.
    • Look for a stove that warms up fast and holds that heat so your sauna is ready when you are.
    • Plus, good heat retention means less wood burning and more lounging.
    • Materials like high-quality steel help with fast heating and large number of stones ensure long lasting heat, even after the fire goes down.
  3. Air Circulation Systems: A heater that distributes heat evenly is key to a comfy, cozy sauna experience from corner to corner.
  4. Cost—Upfront and Ongoing: Think of it as more than just a price tag. Consider how much it’ll cost to keep the fires burning over time. Efficient heaters save cash on wood and might just keep a bit more green in your wallet.
  5. Safety Features: We’re playing with fire here, literally. So, safety isn’t a maybe—it’s a must.
    • Look for features like protective guards, proper certifications, and designs that keep the exterior cooler to the touch.
    • Remember safety features like chimney designs that reduce smoke backdrafts and materials that stand up well against high temperatures.
  6. Material and Build Quality: Tough and ready—that’s what your sauna stove should be. Materials like stainless steel or thick cast iron not only last longer but also handle high heat better, keeping the sauna safe and sound.
  7. Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Some stoves are DIY-friendly, while others might have you calling in the pros. Plus, think about the long haul—how easy is it to clean and maintain? A simpler design might mean less hassle down the road.
  8. Efficiency Ratings: If saving the planet one sauna session at a time is your thing, check out the stove’s efficiency ratings. Better ratings mean less waste and more heat from less wood.
  9. Compatibility with Sauna Construction: Got a specific sauna build? Make sure your stove fits the bill. Adequate ventilation and the ability to integrate into your sauna’s design without a complete overhaul are things to consider.
  10. Brand Quality and Support: A reputable brand ensures quality and reliability, offers extensive warranties, and provides superior customer support. Choosing a well-known brand can also mean better innovation, ease of maintenance, and higher resale value, securing your investment in the long run.

Each factor plays a key part in finding a durable and efficient heater for those relaxing moments in your traditional steam room.


Ready to turn up the heat on your sauna experience? When it comes down to choosing between electric and wood-burning heaters, nothing matches the authentic charm and robust warmth of wood.

Topping our list for their exceptional performance and build are the HUUM Hive Heat 12 LS and Harvia Legend 240SL. These stoves aren’t just heaters; they’re gateways to the ultimate steamy relaxation.

Designed for purists and modern sauna lovers alike, they promise to elevate your sauna sessions from routine to remarkable.

Dr. Jane Wallace, our thermal therapy expert with a PhD in the subject, gives a thumbs up to these 5 models not only for their efficiency but also for their ability to create a consistently pleasurable sauna environment.

“Choosing a quality wood-burning stove is essential for achieving that perfect balance of heat and steam, essential for relaxation and health benefits alike,” says Dr. Wallace.

So, what’s my final word? If you adore saunas as much as I do, just pick any one of these 5 best wood-burning sauna stoves. Trust that you’re making an informed decision with our expert-backed recommendations. They’ll make all the difference in your sauna sessions!



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