The 7 Best Portable Saunas For Ultimate Relaxation In 2024

Comparative display of the best portable saunas, including an infrared sauna tent, a sauna blanket, and a steam sauna tent.

The search for a personal retreat to unwind and recharge has become more important than ever in our busy lives. In this article, I have ranked and reviewed the 7 best portable saunas in 2024.

My Top 3 Picks:

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket- Best Overall Portable Sauna

HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket

Best Infrared Tent

SereneLife Full Size Infrared Home Spa- Best Portable Infrared Sauna

SereneLife Full Size Infrared Home Spa

Best Infrared Blanket

LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket- Best Infrared Sauna Blanket

LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Surprisingly, you don’t need an extravagant spa day to find your zen—after spending over ten years watching health trends evolve, I’ve seen the remarkable transformation of portable saunas into easily accessible havens of peace.

Looking ahead to 2024, it’s thrilling to see how portable saunas have levelled up with cutting-edge features—from infrared technology that wraps you in a gentle warmth to soothing steam options that transform any room into your private spa experience.

Stay tuned if you’re curious about which models are making waves this year. The insights coming up could very well be game-changers in how you approach your much-deserved downtime.

Let’s take a closer look together!

Our Review Process: How We Test and Select the Best Portable Saunas?

At Homeindepth.com, we always strive to provide accurate and helpful reviews to our readers. To come out with the list of the best portable saunas, our expert team followed a rigorous testing process tailored to evaluate each product’s unique features and performance. Here’s a glimpse into our methodology:

  1. Initial Research: We identified popular and well-rated portable saunas across categories, gathering data on specifications, features, and user feedback.
  2. Testing Criteria Development: For each category, we established specific criteria relevant to the sauna type, including heat distribution, EMF levels, ease of set-up and overall design.
  3. Hands-On Testing: Our team personally tested each sauna, noting ease of use, comfort, effectiveness, and any additional features like remote controllers or safety measures.
  4. Comparative Analysis: We compared each sauna against its peers in the same category based on our testing criteria.
  5. Final Review and Rating: Each portable sauna was given a score based on our comprehensive review.

Our reviews are independent and unbiased. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions on buying the best portable sauna for your relaxation and health needs.

Which are the 7 Best Portable Saunas in 2024?

For a quick recommendation, take a peek at our concise product list or scroll down for more detailed reviews.

Quick Comparison of Specs.

Product NameProduct DimensionsItem Weight (Pounds)Temperature
HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket 71 x 36 inches16.45Up to 158°F
SereneLife Full Size Infrared Home Spa35.4 x 35.4 x 70.9 inches29.857 – 140°F
LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket (Rejuvawrap)71 x 36 inches 19.6677 – 176°F
Durasage Oversized Personal Steam Sauna33 x 31.5 x 41 inches16.52110 – 115°F
iDOTODO 2 Person Infrared Sauna Tent47.2 x 35.4 x 63 inches36.3Up to 140°F
Hunter Tribe Full Size Steam Sauna34.6 x 34.6 x 70.1 inches15.82Up to 120°F
Vanell Oversized 75″ Far Infrared Sauna Blanket74.8 x 33.5 inches20.486 – 176°F

1. HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket: Best Portable Sauna For Home Overall

I’ve tried a bunch of portable saunas, and the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket stands out.

HigherDose Sauna Blanket- Best Portable Sauna


  • Made in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and materials.
  • HigherDOSE is a brand known for wellness products.
  • Product dimensions: 71 x 36 inches.
  • Temperature: Up to 158°F.
  • Safe from Electromagnetic Fields.
  • Its portable size makes it easy to store and use anywhere.
  • Lightweight: It weighs just over 16 pounds, so you can move it without hassle.
  • Warranty: 1 year

My Rating: 4.9

My Take:

  • Overall, the Best Portable Sauna For Home.
  • Safety meets luxury in this plush wrap-around experience, which is worth every dollar.
  • Whether you’re looking for glowing skin, muscle recovery, or a way to chill out after a long day, this HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket brings top-notch health benefits right into your home without any fuss.
  • Recommended for someone eager to enhance their well-being, a fitness enthusiast wanting to speed up muscle recovery or anyone aiming to burn extra calories comfortably.

Wrapped in it, you’ll feel like you’re basking in sunlight minus harmful UV rays.

It’s great for muscle recovery. After a tough workout, I crank up the heat—my muscles thank me every time. Plus, it fits right in my living room! I can catch up on shows while burning calories—it doesn’t get easier than that.

Friends often ask how I unwind after long days. My secret? This plush thermal blanket helps my body recover and boosts skin health, too—glow-up game strong! Trust me—if self-care’s your thing, this is your must-have solution for chill vibes at home.

Pros / Features

  • Dive into Wellness with Crystals – The HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket has amethyst and tourmaline inside. These stones release negative ions that calm your mind and make you feel great.
  • The charcoal and clay inside work with infrared heat to draw out impurities and help with detoxification.
  • Safe from Electromagnetic Fields – Worry less about EMF and ELF with our sauna blanket. It’s built with safety in mind so that you can relax more deeply.
  • You can easily control the temperature with eight settings on the handheld controller—it’s super simple! Find your sweet spot of soothing heat that feels just right.
  • Made with non-toxic, easy-to-clean polyurethane leather.
  • Its portable size makes it easy to store and use anywhere.
  • Weighs just over 16 pounds, so you can move it without hassle.
  • Heats up quickly: It needs just 10 minutes of preheating before you slip in.
  • It is big enough for most people at 71 x 36 inches.
  • Sweat out the stress, not just calories – use this cozy infrared blanket at home or on the go for a detoxifying sweat session.

Read our in-depth HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket Review.


  • Costs more upfront — The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket is a pricier option compared to other at-home wellness products.
  • The sauna blanket insert is missing, which is expected at this price. So, if you prefer to keep your clothes off, you will have to buy the insert separately.

Check out the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket.

2. SereneLife Full-Size Infrared Home Spa: Best Portable Infrared Sauna

I recently tried the SereneLife Portable Full-Size Infrared Home Spa, and I must say, it’s a game-changer. It feels like bringing your favorite spa treatment into the comfort of your home.

SereneLife Full Size Infrared Home Spa- Best Portable Infrared Sauna


  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Product dimensions: 35.4 x 35.4 x 70.9 inches.
  • Temperature range: 57°F – 140°F.
  • You can pick it up or pack it up when needed.
  • Includes foldable chair and heated foot pad.
  • Lightweight: Easy to set up anywhere with just 29.8 pounds.
  • Made from durable Oxford Fabric and Metal Alloy Frame for long-lasting use.
  • Works on standard 120 Volts, so you can plug it in most places at home.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

My Rating: 4.7

My Take:

  • Best Portable Infrared Sauna.
  • The SereneLife Portable Full-Size Infrared Home Spa perfectly balances functionality and convenience.
  • The integrated foot mat adds an extra touch by warming your toes while you unwind.
  • Whether it’s for weight loss or easing muscle tension, this full-size infrared sauna delivers relaxation along with health benefits right at home – without breaking the bank or taking over your space.
  • Recommended for busy parents, hard workers, and self-care enthusiasts.

One thing that sets this sauna apart is how easy it is to assemble and use. The sleek black color and modern look fits in well with any room decor. Want to read or listen to music while you unwind? No sweat! The hand-access zippers make multitasking effortless.

Using this personal sauna isn’t just enjoyable; it helps detoxify the body, aids in weight loss efforts, and eases muscle tension after workouts or long days sitting at the desk. It’s ideal for those wanting to unwind and detox without stepping out of their home.

Pros / Features

  • Save cash not going to the salon – get your own full-size sauna at home.
  • Relax with ease – comes with a comfy, foldable chair and heated foot pad just for you.
  • Heats Up Fast: With its 1,300-watt power punch, this infrared sauna warms up fast (up to 140°F!) without guzzling electricity.
  • Controlling time and heat is a breeze with the handy wired controller.
  • Easy to set up anywhere with just 29.8 pounds.
  • Made from durable Oxford Fabric and Metal Alloy Frame for long-lasting use.
  • Works on standard 120 Volts, so you can plug it in most places at home.
  • Portable Perks: Change rooms or take it to go – this sauna folds up and moves where you need it.


  • The brand does not mention anything about the EMF and ELF levels.
  • Needs ample space: Although the sauna is portable, it requires enough room to set up and store comfortably.
  • Limited social experience: Unlike communal saunas at gyms or spas, using this sauna means solo sessions without the shared experience.

Check out the SereneLife Full Size Infrared Home Spa.

3. LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket (Rejuvawrap): Best Infrared Sauna Blanket

I’ve tried several portable saunas, and the LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket  stands out because it combines comfort with convenience.

LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket- Best Infrared Sauna Blanket


  • LifePro is a brand trusted for its quality.
  • Product dimensions: 71 x 36 inches.
  • Temperature range: 77°F – 176°F.
  • 5-60-minute timer.
  • Zero EMF.
  • Made with a non-toxic, waterproof, easy-to-clean PU leather body.
  • Folds up easily and comes with its own carrying bag.
  • Comes with 5 detox wraps and a head towel.
  • Weight: It weighs only 19.66 pounds, so you can move it easily.
  • Warranty: LIFETIME

My Rating: 4.7

My Take:

  • Best Infrared Sauna Blanket.
  • Enjoy peace of mind forever with the Lifetime warranty.
  • While it delivers powerful detoxification and aids recovery effectively, there are options above that offer slightly more advanced features.
  • But trust me, whether you’re looking to ease muscle pain or simply unwind after a busy day, this portable infrared sauna has got your back… literally!
  • Busy moms, athletes, and health enthusiasts will find it a game-changer for recovery and rejuvenation.

It’s big enough for most people at 70 x 36 inches. It’s easy to fold up, carry around, and store in small spaces — a big plus for apartment dwellers like me or anyone who wants to detox on the go.

I appreciate how this sauna blanket makes relaxation simple. You can set it up almost anywhere, and the far-infrared technology is a game-changer. LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket is perfect for anyone seeking pain relief or craving the rejuvenation that a spa offers.

Pros / Features

  • Safe from electromagnetic fields– comes with zero EMF.
  • Take your sauna on the go with the LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket – it’s light, folds up easily, and even has its own carrying bag. Also included are a head towel and 5 detox wraps. Detox on the go!
  • The blanket comes with a convenient controller, making it easy to adjust the temperature and time.
  • Weighs 19.66 pounds, so you can move it easily.
  • What is awesome is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Turn back the clock with this portable sauna at home! The far infrared power helps your skin look fresh and youthful while boosting your energy. Just wrap yourself up and feel rejuvenated.
  • Bounce back faster after workouts or stress! The far-infrared heat dives deep into your muscles, helping them recover while boosting your immune system as you chill out.
  • Sneak in a calorie burn without moving a muscle. Yes, really! Lay back in the infrared blanket for 30 minutes four times a week to help increase circulation. Your body will sweat like crazy and ramp up thermal energy as if you were exercising.
  • Release all those nasty toxins with a good sweat session. Get some well-deserved peace of mind – plus deeper sleep after each spa-like experience right at home—no fuss or hassle.

Read our in-depth Review of the LifePro Sauna Blanket


  • It may get too warm for some people – the 77–176 °F temperature range is great for sweating, but not everyone can handle the heat.

Check out the LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket (Rejuvawrap).

4. Durasage Oversized Personal Steam Sauna: Best Budget Portable Sauna

I recently tried the Durasage Oversized Portable Personal Steam Sauna, and it was great for my at-home relaxation routine. This sauna comes with everything you need to get started, so setting it up was a breeze. You can just sit back and let the steam do its work.

Durasage Oversized Personal Steam Sauna- Best Budget Portable Sauna


  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Product dimensions: 33 x 31.5 x 41 inches.
  • Temperature: 110 – 115°F.
  • Portable: A detachable frame makes it easy to disassemble and store.
  • 60-minute adjustable timer.
  • Powerful 800 watt / 1.8L steam generator.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 16.52 pounds.
  • Includes a foldable chair with a bag.
  • Dual pockets on the front to hold your phone, a TV remote or even a small book.
  • Durasage is a brand known for creating durable and reliable wellness products.
  • Warranty: 18 months

My Rating: 4.5

My Take:

  • Best Budget Portable Sauna.
  • It is perfect for someone who loves unwinding in the comfort of their own home, values health and relaxation, and appreciates convenient features like dual pockets and a powerful steam generator.

Whether after workouts or just tough days at work, lounging in this personal steam sauna is something you will look forward to. Your skin will feel great, too! It’s cool how something so simple can make such a big difference in everyday wellness right in your own living room.

It offers not just warmth but also that precious time where nothing else matters but your own peace of mind—and believe me when I say there’s no substitution for that kind of rejuvenation!

Pros / Features

  • Complete Sauna Kit: Step into your personal sauna oasis with everything included. You’ll get the full deal – no extra parts needed. Just imagine unwinding after a long day, steam rising around you, melting away stress.
  • Weighs only 16.52 pounds, making it easy to move around.
  • Includes a foldable chair with a bag and a sauna cover.
  • Dual Pockets for Convenience: Keep your phone and remote close in two handy pockets. You won’t miss a beat while you’re chilling out – scroll through messages or change the playlist without stepping out.
  • Hands-Free Entertainment: Love reading or need to send a text? The two zippered hand openings make it easy! Picture yourself cozy inside, hands popping out to turn pages or tap screens – pure bliss!
  • Powerful Steam Generator: Crank up the heat with the powerful 800-watt steam generator. Set that timer for up to 60 minutes and let the stress melt away. Think of the sweat-inducing heat! It’s like having your own detox session at home whenever you crave it.
  • Infuse your steam sessions with aromas by adding herbs or oils to the steam generator’s side container. Experience the uplifting scents of lavender or jasmine, an exclusive feature not available with infrared saunas.
  • Portable and Easy Storage: When you’re done relaxing, take it apart quickly (thanks to the detachable frame) and tuck it away in the included sauna cover. Space isn’t an issue here; transform any spot into your relaxation zone and then stash it until next time!


  • Space eater: Takes up room when set up, might not fit in a tight space.
  • Needs time: You have to wait for the steam generator to heat up before you can start sweating.
  • It is not suitable if you can’t stand the heat – some might find the 800-watt steam generator intense.

Check out the Durasage Oversized Personal Steam Sauna.

5. iDOTODO 2-Person Infrared Sauna Tent: Best 2-person Portable Sauna

I just tried out the iDOTODO Full Body Portable Infrared Sauna. Setting it up was a breeze—it took less than five minutes!

iDOTODO 2 Person Infrared Sauna Tent- Best 2 person Portable Sauna


  • Capacity: 2 people
  • Product dimensions: 47.2 x 35.4 x 63 inches
  • Temperature: Up to 140°F.
  • Weight: Light enough to move around at 36.3 pounds
  • Powerful 1600-watt heating element
  • Comes with a wired controller, a temperature sensor and a large size pocket.
  • Includes a 2-person foldable Chair.
  • Portable: A detachable frame makes it easy to disassemble and store.
  • Warranty: 1 year

My Rating: 4.5

My Take:

  • Best 2-person Portable Sauna.
  • If you’re seeking ultimate relaxation and a health boost from the comfort of your home, the iDOTODO Full Body Portable Personal Infrared Sauna is perfect for you – especially if sharing this serene experience with someone special sounds appealing.
  • With easy setup and rapid heating, it’s time to treat yourself; grab an iDOTODO sauna today and sink into blissful warmth wherever you please.

You can feel the warmth wrapping around you in no time, as this sauna heats up fast within 8 minutes thanks to its three large carbon heating panels.

What really stands out is how this portable sauna promotes well-being. Just sitting back in that soothing infrared heat feels like it’s melting away stress while helping with blood circulation and metabolism, too; perfect for anyone looking to relax deeply or support their weight loss journey.

Pros / Features

  • The powerful 1600-watt heating element heats up fast, reaching 140° Fahrenheit in just 8 minutes. That means you can jump in and relax without waiting around.
  • This sauna comes with two foldable chairs. They’re easy to set up and strong enough for two people.
  • Say goodbye to stuffy saunas! The iDOTODO sauna has a cool double zipper and windows you can open. You’ll get fresh air whenever you want it while sweating out the stress of the day.
  • Comes with a wired controller, a temperature sensor, and a large size pocket.
  • Your muscles will thank you after using this infrared sauna! It helps improve blood flow, gets rid of body toxins, and boosts your metabolism – like having a tiny health superhero at home.
  • Packing up is a breeze with its detachable frame that folds away quickly. Plus, it’s super clean since the inside wipes down easily – keeping things fresh for your next relaxing escape.


  • It might be tight for two people – although it’s a 2 – person sauna, larger individuals may find it cozy.
  • Takes up space when set up – even though it folds away, you’ll need room in your home to use it.

Check out the iDOTODO 2-Person Infrared Sauna Tent

6. Hunter Tribe Full-Size Steam Sauna: Best Portable Steam Sauna

I just tried out the Hunter Tribe Full Size Steam Sauna. The oversized design allows you to stretch out comfortably and unwind after a long day’s work. The generous space makes it feel more like a spa retreat right in your living room.

Hunter Tribe Full Size Steam Sauna- Best Portable Steam Sauna


  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Product dimensions: 34.6 x 34.6 x 70.1 inches
  • Temperature: Up to 120°F.
  • Weight: Light enough to move around at 15.82 pounds
  • Powerful 1000 watt / 2.6L steam generator.
  • Anti-leakage and explosion-proof function for safety.
  • Portable: A detachable frame makes it easy to set up and store.
  • Comes with a towel, a sweat pad, an accessories box and pockets.

My Rating: 4.3

My Take:

  • Best Portable Steam Sauna
  • If you love pampering yourself or seeking relaxation and detox in the comfort of your home, the Hunter tribe Portable Steam Sauna is perfect for you; imagine unwinding after a long day with ease.
  • Get ready to transform any space into your personal relaxation retreat—just pick up this portable sauna today!

The strong PVC pipe frame holds up well, and the high-density fabric keeps the heat right where it should be. On days when I need extra pampering, adding essential oils turns my session into an aromatic experience that’s both calming and invigorating.

Post-sauna fatigue? Haven’t experienced any; instead, hopping into this personal retreat at home leaves me energized and ready for whatever comes next.

Pros / Features

  • Take it anywhere. Set it up in minutes: With its easy-click PVC frame, you’ll snap it together fast in just 10 minutes— no tools needed! Get ready to chill out wherever life takes you.
  • Its powerful 1000W steam generator pumps out steam that can crank up to 120°F in just 8 minutes.
  • The safety features are top-notch. There’s an anti-leakage and explosion-proof function that gives peace of mind while enjoying the sauna experience.
  • Custom Comfort Control: This sauna comes with 9 heat settings and a handy remote control to set the temperature and time.
  • Say Goodbye to Stress! – After a long day, skip the spa and step into your personal sauna instead. Kick back and let the steam work its magic—your muscles will thank you. Get rid of all your stress & fatigue. Sleep better and wake up refreshed.
  • Includes a sauna accessories box, which gives you the option to add essential oils, ginger, or medicine bags to make the sauna even better.
  • Features You’d High-Five For: – Includes double head zippers that make getting in a snap to external pockets where your phone or remote can hang out. Even if you need fresh air, there’s a window for that, too! Watch TV through the clear door area or grab a book from the internal pockets; total comfort is yours in this sauna haven.


  • It might be too big for small spaces – this sauna is oversized and needs a good amount of room.
  • Need to refill water often – the 2.6L steam generator runs for 60 minutes, so keep an eye on it.

Check out the Hunter Tribe Full Size Steam Sauna.

7. Vanell Oversized Far Infrared Sauna Blanket: Best Budget Sauna Blanket

Wrap yourself in the warmth of the Vanell Oversized 75″ Far Infrared Sauna Detox Blanket and feel your stress melt away. This spa-quality blanket uses far infrared technology to deeply heat your body, promoting relaxation and relief for tired muscles.

Vanell Oversized Far Infrared Sauna Blanket- Best Budget Sauna Blanket


  • Product dimensions: Biggest at 74.8 x 33.5 inches.
  • Temperature range: 86°F – 176°F.
  • 15-60-minute timer.
  • Safety protection switch for auto shut-off.
  • The exterior is made of Oxford cloth, which is odorless and waterproof. The interior is made of waterproof PVC.
  • Comes with 50 plastic sheets
  • Lightweight: It weighs only 20.4 pounds, so you can move it easily.
  • Includes zippers to extend your hands to pick up your phone or a book.
  • Warranty: 1 year

My Rating: 4.3

My Take:

  • Best Budget Sauna Blanket
  • The Vanell Oversized 75″ Far Infrared Sauna Detox Blanket is perfect for the wellness enthusiast looking to relax at home, boost circulation, and ease muscle tension.
  • If you’re seeking a spa experience that supports your health goals without breaking the bank– this sauna blanket is for you; grab yours and start unwinding!

The upgraded material ensures durability and comfort during every session—just remember to let it cool down before folding it up.

After using this upgraded Vanell model with all its new features and benefits at hand, turning your living room into a personal retreat has never been simpler or more satisfying.

Pros / Features

  • Stay safe while you sweat: The Vanell Sauna Blanket comes with a safety switch that cuts power in just 0.01 seconds if something goes wrong. Plus, it won’t let you get too hot—it shuts off if the heat tops 185°F and beeps to let you know.
  • Heat how you want it: Choose from temperatures between 86°F and 176°F and set a timer from 15 to 60 minutes. With two zones of temperature control, target where you need warmth most—like those sore shoulders or an achy back.
  • Cozy material that cares: The outer layer is crafted from eco-friendly Oxford cloth, lightweight yet robust enough to handle use after use without giving off odors. Inside, the waterproof PVC perfectly molds to any sleeping position without losing heat.
  • Get the benefits of far-infrared heating – this technology boosts blood flow, opens up blood vessels, and ramps up your metabolism for a powerful detox effect. It also helps improve skin conditions and sleep quality.
  • Spa Day Every Day: Enjoy deep relaxation with the Vanell Sauna Blanket – it eases stiff muscles and soothes sore joints, especially around your shoulders, hips, back, and legs.


  • High Heat Caution: Don’t set the Vanell Sauna Blanket too hot – it might be unsafe.
  • Long Cooling Time: Wait for the sauna blanket to cool off before folding it up; this takes a while.
  • Size Matters: The oversized 75″ may not fit everyone comfortably – check if it’s right for you!

Check out the Vanell Oversized Far Infrared Sauna Blanket.

Benefits of Using a Portable Sauna

Embracing the warmth of a portable sauna not only cocoons you in tranquility but ignites a transformation within—revealing glowing skin, melting away stress, and ushering in nights of blissful slumber; dive deeper with us to unveil how these compact havens of heat can enrich your daily routine.

1. Relaxation and Stress Relief

Portable saunas are my go-to for melting away stress. After a long day, sitting in the soothing warmth is like getting a gentle hug that calms my mind. The heat helps my muscles relax and forget about the day’s worries. Regular sessions even boost my mood and help me feel more at peace.

The best part? I don’t have to leave home. These personal sauna spaces bring relaxation right into my living room or wherever I want it. They improve circulation, which makes me feel more alive and less tense.

2. Improved Skin and Detoxification

I love how my portable sauna helps with my skin. The heat opens up my pores and sweat washes out dirt and oil. This leaves me with clearer, softer skin. Regular sessions even seem to give it a healthy glow.

Detoxification is another perk I get from using my sauna at home. Sweating gets rid of stuff in the body that we don’t need. While not every toxin will be removed this way, it feels great to sweat it out and help cleanse myself after a long day or intense workout.

3. Enhanced sleep

The heat from my portable sauna unwinds my tense muscles and eases any soreness. This relaxation helps me drift into deeper sleep each night.

Using an infrared sauna has turned into a game changer for me, reducing inflammation and bolstering brain function. With chronic pain out of the picture, I’ve found myself waking up feeling more refreshed than ever before.

4. Versatility and Convenience

Portable saunas bring relaxation wherever you need it. Imagine unwinding in your very own sauna after a long day—no matter where you are.

These compact powerhouses can be set up in minutes at home, outside, or even while traveling. You won’t have to worry about making room either; when you’re done, just fold them up and tuck them away.

Whether I’m visiting family or on a business trip, my portable sauna comes along for the ride—ensuring I don’t miss out on any of those feel-good moments that keep me refreshed and energized.

5. Cost-Efficient and Easy on the Pocket

Portable saunas are much cheaper than regular ones, so you save a lot of money when you buy one. Investing in a portable sauna also translates to substantial savings over time, as it reduces the need for frequent spa visits.

Enjoy the luxury of relaxation at home, keeping more money in your pocket without sacrificing the spa experience.

6. Privacy and Comfort

Enjoy the serenity of a personal oasis with a portable sauna, where you can unwind in complete privacy, free from the presence of others. There’s no need to fret over attire in your secluded relaxation haven—it’s all about your comfort and peace.

Experience the luxury of a spa retreat in the privacy of your own space, where every session is an exclusive escape tailored just for you.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Portable Sauna

Finding the perfect portable sauna means looking at a few key details. You want one that fits your life and feels great to use.

1. Heating Method

When selecting a portable sauna, the heating method is a pivotal decision that shapes your experience. Portable saunas primarily utilize two types of heating:

Infrared Portable Saunas: These use infrared heaters to directly warm your body, offering efficient and quick heating. They’re especially good for deep tissue relaxation and detoxification, thanks to their low EMF carbon fiber heaters. The direct warmth is ideal for those looking for a sauna experience without the intense heat or steam.

Steam Portable Saunas: For those who prefer the classic sauna experience with moist heat, steam portable saunas are a great choice. They work by heating water to produce steam, enveloping you in warm humidity that’s perfect for skin hydration and easing respiratory conditions.

Each type has its merits, with infrared being more energy-efficient and steam providing the traditional sauna benefits. Consider what’s most important for your wellness routine when choosing.

2. Durability

For portable saunas, durability is crucial. You want a sauna that can handle being moved around without falling apart.

Look for high-quality, resilient materials such as triple-layered polyester fabric with moisture resistance or lightweight metals for the frame.

These materials ensure your portable sauna withstands regular use and the rigors of setup and breakdown.

3. Size and weight

The charm of a portable sauna lies in its ability to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly. Aim for a model that’s light enough to carry easily—typically under 50 pounds.

Size is equally important; it should be compact enough for storage but spacious enough inside for a comfortable session. Dimensions, when folded and unfolded, are key metrics to compare.

4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a goldmine of information. They can provide insights into how easy the sauna is to set up and take down, its actual portability, and how well it holds up over time.

Pay special attention to reviews mentioning the sauna’s performance and any issues with portability or durability.

5. Budget

With portable saunas, the price can vary widely based on size, heating technology, and brand.

While affordability is important, it’s vital to balance cost with quality. Investing in a slightly more expensive model might offer better longevity and efficiency, saving money and hassle in the long run.

6. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is particularly important for portable saunas, as they are often used more frequently and in various settings. Look for models that offer effective heating with minimal power use.

The best portable saunas balance quick heating times with low electricity consumption, making them cost-effective to run.

7. Health Benefits

The primary reason for choosing a portable sauna is often the health benefits. Ensure the model you select supports your wellness goals, such as muscle relaxation, improved circulation, or detoxification.

Infrared portable saunas are particularly noted for their deep tissue penetration, which can be more effective for certain health outcomes.

8. Ease of Use and accessories

A portable sauna should be easy to operate and straightforward to set up and pack away. Time-saving features and clear instructions are key.

Also, consider what accessories are included or available, such as foldable chairs, heated foot mats, or remote controls, to enhance your sauna experience.

9. Safety Features

Safety is paramount, especially for a device that heats up. Look for portable saunas with automatic shut-off features, timers, and secure, insulated wiring. Certifications from safety standards organizations add an extra layer of trust.

When considering an infrared portable sauna, look for low EMF (Electromagnetic Field) carbon fiber heaters for safety.

10. Company Reputation and Warranty

A reputable brand often means a reliable product. Choose a company known for quality portable saunas and excellent customer service. A good warranty and responsive support are indicators of a company that stands behind its portable saunas.


I tested and evaluated numerous portable saunas available in the market today, and out of all those, these seven shine bright! Perfect for keeping calm and staying healthy in 2024.

Meet Dr. Jane Wallace, our sauna expert! With a PhD in Thermal Therapy, she’s a pro at all things heat-related.

  • Dr. Wallace loves the latest portable saunas. She says perfect temperature and easy controls make them great for relaxing muscles and getting rid of toxins.
  • For safety, Dr. Wallace stresses looking for quality seals from respected groups. Transparency about materials and functions is super important, too.
  • Dr. Wallace suggests using it after workouts or before bed to unwind best. Like everything else, portable saunas have pros and cons to weigh up against each other.
  • Dr. Wallace gives two thumbs up for this batch of portable saunas: “They offer real bang for your buck!”

Have I missed any of your favorites on this list? Which sauna out of these 7 are you planning to buy? Let me know in the comment section below.

FAQs about Best Portable Sauna

1. What makes a portable sauna great for home relaxation?

A top-notch portable sauna offers convenience, pain relief after exercise, and benefits like improved circulation. They can be quite affordable and are designed to be easy to use—some even offer features like chromotherapy for added wellness.

2. Are there different types of portable saunas I can choose from?

Yes! You have options like infrared saunas that use radiant heat and steam saunas that provide humidity. Whether it’s full-body or just a sauna blanket you’re after, there’s something for everyone.

3. How do I know if a sauna is energy-efficient and safe?

Check out the product details for mentions of low-EMF ratings or efficient infrared heaters—that usually means they’re built with safety and energy savings in mind. Quality materials can also make them more durable and long-lasting.

4. Can using a portable sauna help with weight loss or muscle pain?

Indeed! Regular sweat sessions in your personal sauna may aid in weight loss by burning calories through increased heart rate while relaxing muscles to ease joint stiffness—you get both workout recovery and fitness benefits right at home!

5. What should I look for when buying the best portable sauna?

Look out for quick heat-up times, comfortable temperature control options and waterproof interiors if it’s steam-based; plus, think about size—whether it fits one person or two—and any warranties like lifetime guarantees that promise durability.

6. Where can I find reviews on these best-in-class saunas before making a purchase?

Turn to expert-approved sources such as Sleep Advisor or Editor’s Pick lists, which compare features side-by-side; online marketplaces like amazon.com often have customer feedback sections, too, where real users share their experience.

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